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How Uber Shape Increased Their Online Store Purchases by 300% With Glofox

  • Location
    Gold Coast, Australia
  • Services offered
    Personal training, nutrition, and group fitness classes
  • Most-valued Glofox features
    The Glofox website integration and Glofox app
5 min read
15 Oct 2020

About Uber Shape

After spending six years working as a personal trainer for a big-box gym, Coby van den Ende saw an opportunity to create an environment with a more member-centric approach. From talking to his client base, he knew there was a gap in the market for this, and so in 2015, he opened up the Uber Shape Transformation Centre, a facility in the Gold Coast, Australia. The studio focuses on small group training, and in his five years as director of the business, Coby has taken personalization to the next level and built a tight-knit community of members.

At Uber Shape, the member experience goes beyond great workouts. The gym cares for each member to ensure they benefit from an effortless customer experience and long-term results, which leads to high member retention rates. 

“Our business is about really caring for people to get those long-term results.”

Coby van den Ende
Uber Shape

The Challenge? Creating a personalized and seamless member experience that drives revenue for the business

With a 150% increase in active memberships between April and August, Uber Shape has built a solid membership base and experienced great success with its referral rates. Coby and his team look after every one of their 150+ members to a highly personalized level; tracking each member one on one as if they were a personal training client keeps them accountable. The business has seen a 130% increase in bookings since the start of the year, and from his experience, Coby notes that and having a booking system in place is a crucial part of keeping attendance rates up:

“The bookings keep people personally accountable. They’ve made that step to commit, so your attendance goes up.”

How Has Glofox Helped? 90% more leads into members with the lead capture integration vs. a standard contact form

The Glofox website integration has been a gamechanger for Uber Shape, making for a fast and effective member experience right from their first interaction with the studio:

“A lot of our leads come in through the Glofox lead capture on our website. The integration has been a game-changer for us because you’re catching those people who are ready to buy now. If you’re still using a contact form, you’re missing out on about 90% of people.”

Aside from its memberships, Uber Shape has mastered the art of the upsell with its 8-week challenge; the latest run had a 100% retention rate from start to finish. The challenges are sold through the Glofox app in the gym’s online store, so members are only one click away from signing up:

“I use the store for the 8-week challenge. Members will go straight in and “buy now” because it’s easy.”

The app has become one of Uber Shape’s best-valued Glofox features; Coby finds it easy to use, effective, and highly adaptable to the fast-changing needs of a growing fitness business.

Following the latest challenge’s success, Coby realized there was an excellent opportunity to further engage members with a valuable upsell. The app allowed Coby to make the most of member motivation at its peak, and in less than 24-hours from idea to execution, Uber Shape had a $200 “Keep winning after your 8-week challenge” package available for purchase through the app.

“I can update the app instantly and add a ‘buy now.’ Members can also use the app to book in for their nutrition slots as part of the 8-week challenge and make changes to their appointment. The process is really professional. It’s efficient for us and helps to keep people accountable and on-track.”

Ensuring an effortless experience is a core focus for Uber Shape. Easy bookings, communication, and online store purchases help the business maximize its revenue potential:

“We sell 300% more supplements through the app on our online store because it’s so easy for people. It needs to be easy, like when you go on Amazon. If it’s not like that for members, then you’re missing out.”

What’s Next for Uber Shape? Taking personalization to the next level

Uber Shape already sees fantastic conversion rates from the Glofox website integration, but Coby wants to take things a step further.

The business is in the process of splitting the lead capture process into two categories. Currently, every new lead books straight into their first class as part of a 7-day trial through the integration; it’s a fast and efficient journey that drives leads into members. Coby and his team can see the new signups in the Glofox dashboard, so they’re ready to personalize the member experience from the get-go. But he wants to take this to the next level for people who are totally new to Uber Shape, or gyms in general:

“We already take people like this through a different integration program; we advise them to do four weeks of 1:1 training first, to build a foundation for the right movements for group training. So when they go into the group training environment with us, they’re confident and have the right skill set.”

Coby plans for the website to display two options, “I’m ready to start” and “I’m new and don’t know where to start.” Option one is the current journey booking straight into the 7-day trial. Option two will take them through to booking a one-on-one consultation with a team member.

“Joining a gym for the first time can be an intimidating process. We want to be able to tailor an even more one on one onboarding for people like this, to make them feel totally comfortable with everything right from the start.”

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