How Wolfhound Fitness Increased Revenues by 29% with ABC Glofox

Glofox Customer
Wolfhound Fitness
“There are a hundred things we could be doing in
any one day. Glofox helps us to make the best use
of our time.”
Wolfhound Fitness
Joe and Katie Murphy






Building a community and providing personalized experience

Wolfhound Fitness is a state-of-the-art fitness facility in Mullingar, Ireland, where owners and husband and wife Joe and Katie Murphy have developed an offering to target people of all fitness levels, from beginners to athletes. Joe and Katie started Wolfhound Fitness to build a community and provide a personalized experience that delivers results. From the beginning, Katie knew they would need software that would provide seamless automation, offer a great member experience, and free up time so the couple could focus their efforts on growing the business. 


All-in-one software

Partnering with ABC Glofox, Joe and Katie were able to: 

  • Create a seamless platform for building their community. 
  • Effortlessly schedule classes and sessions for their members. 
  • Offer a simple payment system with clear revenue metrics.
  • Provide a unique, branded 
member app.
  • Enjoy responsive customer 
support 24/7. 

Scalable business that boosted revenue by over 23%

Thanks to Wolfhound Fitness’ success, they were able to expand their business to help cater to all their new members. ABC Glofox helped Joe and Katie to create a scalable business that boosted revenue by over 23% in just twelve months. Additionally, it provided them with the tools to create a close-knit, engaged community for their fitness business.


ABC Glofox

The ABC Glofox platform provided Wolfhound Fitness with the ability to boost their member engagement, simplify payment processes, and to have a 360-degree insight into their business performances. Additionally, they’ve seen a boost in revenue and member retention, allowing them to expand and sustainably scale 
their business.