Building a community-focused fitness studio with ABC Glofox

Glofox Customer
Eternal Fitness
“Glofox puts everything in one place and definitely
helps generate revenue.”
Eternal Fitness
Brandon Cala






Building a fitness community 
in Leland

Eternal Fitness is a gym based in Leland, North Carolina, founded in 2022. Founder Brandon Cala noticed a lack of fitness facilities for the Leland community where people could have a membership and become part of a fitness community. In building his own fitness business, he decided to partner with ABC Glofox.


All-in-one software

Once onboarded onto the ABC Glofox platform, Brandon and his business received: 

  • An all-in-one software to consolidate workflows.
  • Strong analytics and data tracking.
  • Integrated payments system.
  • Class and appointment scheduling.
  • Responsive customer support. 

All in one place, which he can track, monitor, and action on 24/7.


Growth of 400 members in under a year

ABC Glofox has had a real, measurable impact on Eternal Fitness’s growth. Having the ABC Glofox system in place from day one helped Eternal Fitness grow to 400 members in under a year. By enabling a simple experience for both staff and members, Brandon and the team can take a member-first approach.


ABC Glofox

Brandon and his team could use the ABC Glofox tools to track member activity, identify and communicate with potential new members, track calls and emails to members, and understand the most popular services and classes to offer. Deep analytics keep Brandon and his team informed about their member trends, helping provide them with the services they want and need the most from his gym.