How Natural Measures Cycling Increased Class Attendance 110% With ABC Glofox

Glofox Customer
Natural Measures Cycling
“ABC Glofox is an investment that helps me
to stand out.”
Natural Measures Cycling
Vikki Gladney






Fitness business platform that allowed them to grow sustainably

Natural Measures is a boutique indoor cycling studio based in Indianapolis. With an energy-driven twist on urban spinning, founder and owner Vikki Gladney is on a mission to promote a fun fitness environment through choreographed cycling, weights, and repetition set to the beat of energizing music. Natural Measures were scaling, but they needed a fitness business platform that allowed them to grow sustainably. Enter ABC Glofox.


All-in-one software

Partnering with ABC Glofox, Natural Measures were able to:

  • Cater to more members withless effort.
  • Provide a sleek, professional experience to their customers. 
  • Gain 360-degree insights into their business performance.
  • Provide an easy-to-use app that her members love.
  • Sustainably scale and grow their business.

Easy to book classes, renew memberships, and keep up to date on any events

Natural Measures now has a more seamless, professional look to its online and in-app experience. Their members love how easy it is to book classes, renew memberships, and keep up to date on any events. Vikki also has all the tools she needs to fully understand her revenue streams and growth potential, giving her the freedom to plan ahead and sustainably scale her business.


ABC Glofox

ABC Glofox provided Vikki and Natural Measures with a future-focused fitness platform that helped their business look better and boosted the user experience of their members. Now it is easier than ever for Vikki to manage her business while also providing a more streamlined and efficient experience to her staff and members.