Features made for your Spin Studio’s success

Fill every class with members, grow your brand, and get time back with features dedicated to the needs of Spin and Cycle Studios.

We know what your Spin and Cycle Studios
need, and we create it for you

Let Your Members Save Their Favorite Spot

Our Spot booking feature adds a new layer of personalization to your spin and cycle classes. Your members can reserve specific spots in your cycle studio and select and reserve the exact bike they wish to use. This enhanced offering ensures that members have their preferred spot, removing any anxiety or anticipation before class, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.


Make Your Members
Your Priority

Extend the engaging and inclusive experience you create at your Spin Studio outside of your 4 walls. With our automated communication and engagement tools, you can target your loyal members with updates, celebrations, and progress, keeping your brand and studio top of mind. We also have workflows that send automated messages to expiring and expired members, encouraging them to stay at your studio with incentives, promotions, and check-ins.


Give Your Members Flexibility

As fitness evolves and more fitness options become available, members will seek a more transient approach to reaching their fitness goals. With ABC Glofox, you can offer your members flexible membership types that allow them to engage with your studio in many different ways. Supported by robust and easy to use payment systems, being a member at your Spin Studio has never been easier.

“Glofox is an investment that helps me to stand out. Having professional, well-groomed processes for my customers has been a shining star. It sets me apart; it makes Natural Measures look good!”
Vikki Gladney
Natural Measures Cycling
Class attendance
increased by
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