Award-winning software for your boxing studio

Pack a punch with a unique suite of tools and features tailored to the needs of boxing studios and gyms.

Game-changing software for any boxing
studio that wants to grow their business

Community at the Core 

A strong community is key to taking your boxing studio up a notch. Cultivate a loyal following for a steady flow of memberships, enhanced brand strength, and member success. Plus, our member app allows you to stay in constant contact with your members, allowing you to coach and encourage them on every step of their fitness journey. 


Maximize Your Time in
the Ring, Not at the Desk

In the vibrant world of boxing studios, energy and pace are everything. Shift from desk duties and step back into the ring with your members. Our platform can automate all your customer interactions, ensuring continuous engagement with your studio – from prospects to long-time members. Deliver promotions, incentives, birthday wishes, and more, consistently hitting the mark with what your members value most. 


Less Stress,
More Success

Create a stress-free member experience that keeps people coming back for more. With our intuitive class and member management tools, your members spend more time working out and less time booking classes, paying for memberships and checking their schedules. It’s a win win. 

“We have an operating system 
with Glofox that is built alongside our business that allows our franchisees to start, grow and 
scale their business.”
Nazar Musa
Founder, Spartans Boxing Clubs
Glofox Customer
Spartans Boxing, Singapore