The market leading fitness
franchise software partner

Scale your fitness franchise anywhere in the world with our innovative management
software and team of industry experts to drive growth across your network.

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The world's fast-growing international franchises choose ABC Glofox

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Our solution empowers franchise
networks to achieve results

We align our success with your success - ensuring
you're supported throughout your growth journey.

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    Extensive global reach

    We have unrivalled international capabilities through our advanced global network of partners, integrations and support services.

    • Currently we serve 80+ countries in 17 languages
    • Localised translation services & support teams
  • decades-of-industry-expertise

    Decades of industry expertise

    You can't put a price on knowledge. Access a wealth of expertise as you grow:

    • 40+ years of industry expertise at your fingertips
    • We invest time into industry-related training
    • Our offering exceeds our software; we build successful businesses with holistic support throughout your journey
  • powerful-insights-and-reporting

    Powerful insights and reporting

    Harness network wide aggregate reporting to make intelligent informed decisions on your business strategy.

    • Inform your strategy
    • Identify new areas of opportunity
    • Leverage key trends and market shifts

Three key services that'll transform your operation

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    Global Payment

    Process payments in over 50+ international markets

  • royalty-management-icon

    Royalty Management & Collection

    Streamline the management and collection of your franchise royalties.

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    Easily integrate with other industry leading software tools and platforms.

The world's leading global franchises choose ABC Glofox to manage their
networks and drive international growth.

  • "Glofox was the only provider who could support our growth ambitions. They spoke to how we wanted to be as a business - prodviding the tools and support to create a truly member-centric experience."


    Russ Harrison, Owner Spartans Boxing Club / 10 locations

  • “Since moving our parks over to glofox, we've vastly reduced our operational support requirements. While we enjoy the software, which is continually improving, we most appreciate their committed staff who provide quality service and thoughtful, knowledgeable responses.”


    Sam Mcgarrick, Director, BMF / 100+ locations

  • “When you talk about great technology partners, glofox is it! Their deep understanding of our business and their understanding of what success means. They work collaboratively with us to constantly innovate our technology and are wholly committed to our success and continued growth.”


    Rob Mendel, CTO, Lift Brands. 1000+ locations

Supporting fitness franchises through every stage of growth

We drive success in growing brands all the way from pivoting to a franchise model, scaling up, all the way through to International expansion.

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