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We've helped these brands retain 85% of their member revenue during COVID-19 by adding online workouts
and on-demand content

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Is your software getting more expensive when you need certainty and support?


Thousands of Customers Love Us
Because Their Members Love Them

The app is massively user friendly, and the majority of people think it’s user friendly, which is great. We constantly use push notifications as a reminder for people to book into their class.
Kate Parfrey and Josie McCarthy
The Squad
We sell 300% more supplements through the app on our online store because it’s so easy for people. It needs to be easy, like when you go on Amazon. If it’s not like that for members, then you’re missing out.
Coby van den Ende
Director and Founder of Uber Shape
I've gained new members since transitioning to online classes with Glofox. To counter the isolation that people could find themselves in, I am providing even more opportunities for our community to engage and interact
Chris Bowman
Founder and Head Coach
Glofox provides me with an entire lifecycle of each client, tracked very cleanly and simply. It's easy to get to, easy to figure out and easy to use.
Scott Kinworthy
F45 Studio Owner and Network President
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Deliver Value Throughout COVID-19

We're helping thousands of gyms and fitness studios bring their workouts online and deliver value to their members during COVID-19.

Retain Members with Online Workouts

Deliver live online workouts to new and existing members. Keep your community engaged and support customers so they can exercise, socialize, and stay healthy.

Add Value With On-Demand Content

Give your customers the convenience of pre-recorded workout videos, nutrition, and wellness tips. Build a library of content and control who gets access and when.

Lead the Pack in the Bounce Back

We're enabling businesses to come roaring back when their doors open with tools to deliver the best physical and digitial member experiences.

Start More Sales Conversations

Leverage your online workouts to generate more leads. Use sample classes, online trials, and automated scheduling of consultations to connect with more potential customers.

Maximize Your Membership Sales

Build a discliplined sales process to ensure that every lead gets worked on time and nurtured. Combine automated email, text, and calls to engage more leads and sell more memberships.

Deliver a Digital Experience Your Members Won't Forget

Project an innovative brand with a slick member app. Make it easy and fast for your members to see your schedule, consumer your content, and book into their favorite class.

Build Relationships with Members and Push Them to Success

You achieve success and change lives when your members keep coming back. Glofox helps you understand the data so you can see who you need to contact and when you need to make that call.

Increase Revenue, Memberships, and Profits

Monitor the operational workings of your business. Know when and where you need to take action to deliver the best classes, retain members, and grow margins.

Don’t just manage your gym, grow it by creating a member experience that retains members.

“Ensuring an effortless experience is a core focus for Uber Shape. Easy bookings, communication, and online store purchases help the business maximize its revenue potential.”
Coby van den Ende
Director and Founder of Uber Shape

Thousands of customers love us because their members love them

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