Fitness Studio Management Software

Build your fitness community

ABC Glofox elevates your brand by empowering you to achieve your business goals. Our fitness management platform allows you to leverage data, embrace innovation, and focus on what matters most – your members.

Enhanced member experience

Give your members what they want with key features like seamless booking experiences and automated reminders

  • Build your brand with customized solutions that set you apart
  • Provide an easy-to-navigate system for your rockstar team 
  • Meet your members where they are with digital touchpoints
  • Put members in control with mobile first solutions
  • Reduce administrative time and get back to what you do best
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Harness data for member management

Offer personalized member experiences and understand member behaviors and preferences through data and insights.

  • "Set and forget" - configure once and put your business on autopilot
  • See a complete 360 view of your business
  • Monitor your business on the go with our staff app
  • Offer flexibility for members and self service functionality
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Simplify your member journey

Grow your membership through sales features like user-friendly analytics, seamless lead nurture, and pipeline management.

  • Create the right first impression with prospects 
  • Give all your leads a better online experience
  • Create automated workflows that convert quickly
  • Analyze your audience and find new customers
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Connect with your members and prospects

Automate your communications and deliver consistent messages to your leads and members.

  • High-performing website forms that never leave your website 
  • Intuitive messaging features all in your branding
  • An accelerated customer journey that converts best in class
  • Website retargeting with sophisticated cart abondment features
  • Social booking and URL tracking 
  • Convert, retain and engage with industry defining CRM
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Save time and optimize revenue

Take the headache out of business management with a centralized, innovative platform.

  • Clear, adjustable schedules for your staff and members
  • Sign up new members with the click of a button
  • Get 360-degree insights on your business 24/7
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Retain and engage your community

Meet your members where they are with targeted communications through email, SMS, or push notifications.

  • Deliver the right message to the right member at the right time
  • Reach members before they switch to competitors
  • Nurture an engaged, informed community with your custom-branded app
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Our customers love us because their customers love them


"Glofox helped me an my team to cut down the time we spent on administration and, what is more important, made our clients more satisfied with their user experience."

Marina Z.

Gym Owner

"I've used GloFox with 2 gyms to date and found everything about the setup through to usage as top quality. With Cillians guidance and support it all went smoothly and began the easy use journey for our clients to book everything available at our facility."

Eoghan G.

Gym Owner

"Glofox offers the best features for the price for me across all the software I have researched."

Eddie J.

Gym Owner

"I feel they listen and give you the attention you need. If you dream it, they can achieve it! I feel they really care about my business and my story. They give me a platform to share my product with the world."

Paul S.

Gym Owner

"The features I lile the most about Glofox are the integration with stripe which works really great, their beautiful app for students and their fast and responsive support. Push notifications via app and dynamic zoom links sent only to students who paid are also awesome."

Thomas M.

Gym Owner

The resources you need to evolve your business

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Take your fitness business to the next level

ABC Glofox is an industry-leading fitness management platform that can save you time and money. Book a demo with us today to learn how we can future-proof your business and keep your members happy, engaged, and coming back for more.