How BollyOn Studios Increased Bookings by 44% With ABC Glofox

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BollyOn Studios
“Glofox has everything – it’s a one stop shop!”
BollyOn Studios
Jaspreet Dhillon and Herrvena Kumar






Expansion into a more sustainable business model

BollyOn is a dance studio specializing in Bollywood dance, a fusion of movement that takes elements of traditional and folk Indian dancing alongside modern and western forms. With a passion for movement, founder Jaspreet Dhillon first launched BollyOn as a series of classes in 2016 as an avenue for generating income while working through a new chapter in her life. Looking to expand into a more sustainable business model, Jaspreet turned to ABC Glofox.


All-in-one software

Partnering with ABC Glofox, BollyOn Studio were able to: 

  • Reduce their payment cross-checking from 3 days to 3 minutes.
  • Create a sleek, professional app for their members.
  • Get a 360-degree view on their class capacity and popularity. 
  • Manage their business 24/7, at home and on the go.
  • Sustainably scale and grow their business.

ABC Glofox automated messaging system

BollyOn Studio now has an intuitive platform that allows them to gain a deep insight into the performance of their business and how to improve their revenue. Additionally, they now provide a far better experience to their members, significantly boosting retention and customer loyalty. Finally, with the ABC Glofox automated messaging system, they have a dependable outreach feature that keeps their members informed and coming back for more.


ABC Glofox

ABC Glofox helped BollyOn Studio to boost its revenue by 44%. It also helped to professionalize their business, creating the core foundation for them to expand their offerings. Now, BollyOn studio have a 360-degree view of their business and revenue while also providing a stellar customer experience to their members.