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Convert more visitors to members with a CRM system to manage and accelerate your sales process.

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To accelerate sales and revenue

Lead Management

Convert more leads and trials into members with better sales pipeline management.
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  • Organize-your-new-leads-new

    Organise new leads

    As your fitness studio grows, it’ll become harder for you and your sales team to manage new leads.

    Thankfully, we’ve developed a lead management system that organizes all that for you.

  • Save-time-with-better-lead-management-new

    Save time with better lead management

    Save time trying to answer questions like; When did I last speak with that lead? Or, which new leads are nearing the end of their trial?

    Our lead management system will answer those questions for you so you can get back to doing what you do best - Engaging with your members and creating new workout programs!

  • No-more-spreadsheets-new

    No more spreadsheets

    You’ll no longer have to juggle multiple spreadsheets. From the Glofox dashboard you can organise your sales pipeline and convert more leads into members.

Targeting and Segmentation

Prioritise outreach, message specific member groups and create automations to boost conversion.
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  • Add-filters-to-prioritze-your-leads-new-1

    Add filters to prioritze your leads

    Not all leads are the same. Some have higher potential than others. Being able to categorise them will allow you to convert more into members.

    Our effective filtering tool is an easy-to-use system that allows you to segment your base into behavioural categories specific to your business. This will help inform you how best to manage them.

  • How-will-this-benefit-me-new

    How will this benefit me?

    You’ll be able to create a detailed view of your customer base, enabling you to make more informed decisions on how to manage them.

    Create and deliver more relevant messaging to optimise lead behaviour to your desired goals.

Interaction Timeline

Easily see who you've talked to, what actions they've taken and how engaged they are with your studio.
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  • Give-your-members-personal-attention-new

    Give your members personal attention

    One of the most efficient ways to convert new leads into members is to personalise communications to their behaviour. You need a balanced approach to make them feel valued without pressuring them. The Interaction Timeline allows you to view your member's interaction history with your brand and tailor personal follow-up messages.

  • Get-your-trainers-and-staff-involved-new

    Get your trainers and staff involved

    A lead interaction timeline will log how your trainers and staff interact with new leads. You can quickly see who they spoke with, what was discussed and when. From here, you can decide what action to take next, whether they need a follow-up or if they've already signed up for a membership once their trial ends.

  • Know-the-customer-journey-new

    Know the customer journey

    Having access to detailed information on your customers will allow you to create an efficient sales pipeline, enabling you to engage potential new members.

    Knowing your customers' journeys will help you create a personalised communications plan and drive more revenue.


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