How REFUEL Opened Four New Locations With ABC Glofox

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REFUEL Bootcamp
“It's so easy to set a schedule using the Glofox Pro app.”
Jersey Giambrone
Founder REFUEL Bootcamp




ABC Glofox


A scalable platform for his franchise needs

Jersey Giambrone founded REFUEL boot camp to provide his members with an engaging and reliable place to achieve their fitness goals. With the success of his first location, Jersey needed a scalable and efficient platform to help him onboard new franchisees and provide a uniform experience, no matter the location. 


Enter ABC Glofox

After three years of partnership with ABC Glofox, Jersey now has four new locations, two of them franchises. After seamlessly onboarding his franchisees onto the ABC Glofox platform, Jersey and his staff can now spend more time working on business growth and providing an exceptional experience to their members.  


Seamless lead generation

With ABC Glofox, Jersey and his franchisees now have an advanced lead capture platform that allows them to attract new members with ease. Additionally, the seamless booking software makes it simple for his members to reserve classes at his locations, creating an all-round positive experience for his customers and staff. 


Grow your business with ABC Glofox

Want to scale your fitness business and increase your member retention? ABC Glofox can help you create an engaging customer experience while saving you time and money with our intuitive, easy-to-use platform.