Building a modern, scalable fitness studio with ABC Glofox

Glofox Customer
Journeyfit, Dallas
“Glofox are more than a software platform. They’re a
partner for my future.” 
Founder of JourneyFit
Victoria Thomas






Scalable billing and revenue platform

JOURNEYFIT is an immersive fitness experience that focuses on High Intensity Intervals Training (H.I.I.T.) and functional movements. Founder Victoria Thomas needed a fitness management solution that allowed her to provide a stellar experience to her members and staff – building an unparalleled sense of community. Additionally, Victoria needed a scalable billing and revenue platform that gave her a 360-degree insight into all of her business locations.

Partnership with ABC Glofox

Victoria chose to partner with ABC Glofox. A fitness business management platform which gave her: 

  • 360-degree insights and reports for measuring business performance.
  • A custom-branded app for members.
  • Multi-location support for scaling her business.
  • Payment processing anywhere, anytime, with flexible and innovative payment options. 
  • Peace of mind with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. 

36% increase in revenue

In 12 months, JourneyFit saw a 36% increase in their revenue thanks to their partnership with ABC Glofox. Member retention tools, seamless payment solutions, and a 360-degree insight into a variety of business reports gave Victoria and her team the tools they needed to boost revenue and create a scalable, popular fitness business.  

ABC Glofox

ABC Glofox is dedicated to empowering fitness entrepreneurs at every stage of their growth. Our innovative software allows you to monitor and report growth metrics, set KPIs and growth markers and plan for future success. 
If you’re looking for a fitness business platform that can help you scale your business to its full potential, ABC Glofox is here for you.