BeatBox Club Boosts Bookings by 22% with ABC Glofox

Glofox Customer
BeatBox Boxing Studio
“ABC Glofox is so systematic it makes my life
much easier. Right now, I’m focused on doubling
down on growth. With ABC Glofox, I’ll be able to
double the income without doubling the work.”
BeatBox Boxing Club
James Murphy






Clear insights into how to grow steadily and sustainably

BeatBox Boxing Club is a community-focused boxing studio based in Ireland. Founded in 2019 by James Murphy, the studio offers a range of combined boxing and HIIT workouts across two locations in Dublin. After successfully opening his first location, James was ready to expand his business. To do so, he needed a fitness business platform that gave him clear insights into how to grow steadily and sustainably.


All-in-one software

Partnering with ABC Glofox, BeatBox was able to: 

  • Create an open, accessible app for building their community. 
  • Offer seamless scheduling and booking for its members. 
  • Enjoy holistic payments and profit insights for James and his team.
  • Rely on a dependable, scalable fitness business platform.
  • Gain responsive and resourceful customer support 24/7.

Dependable billing system with clear insights into the revenue streams

Now, James and the BeatBox team have all of the resources they need to provide a stellar member experience while also growing their business. Thanks to the 99.9% uptime of the ABC Glofox platform, James knows his members will always have a predictable and engaging experience with his custom member app. He also knows that his dependable billing system will ensure he has clear insights into his revenue streams, allowing him to plan ahead for future business goals.


ABC Glofox

Partnering with ABC Glofox allowed James to create a scalable, efficient business model for his fitness business. It professionalized his entire business framework, giving him peace of mind and the ability to look toward the future: creating a scalable and profitable fitness business. It also gave his members a smoother, more seamless experience in booking classes and managing their membership or payment plans. Overall, ABC Glofox was the fitness business partner James needed to sustainably scale his business.