Building a boxing studio franchise in a box with ABC Glofox

Glofox Customer
Spartans Boxing, Singapore
“We have an operating system with Glofox that is
built alongside our business which allows our
franchisees to start, grow, and scale their business.” 
Founder, Spartans Boxing Clubs
Nazar Musa






Predictable and efficient business franchisees model

Spartans Boxing Club is dedicated to encouraging people from all walks of life and all experience levels to improve their health and fitness through boxing. Spartans Boxing Club founders needed a scalable, dependable fitness management platform that would help them provide a predictable and efficient business model for their franchisees.

ABC Glofox provided more than just boxing studio software

Spartans Boxing Club gained a dedicated enterprise customer success team and an ever-evolving, ever-expanding set of tools designed to support franchise businesses.

Using ABC Glofox, Spartans Boxing Club received: 

  • Expert dashboard capabilities with a 360-degree view of all franchisee performance. 
  • A cohesive, automated brand experience for all locations, members, and leads.
  • Seamless payment and billing solutions for all franchise locations. 
  • 24/7, global franchise support. 

Spartans Partnership with ABC Glofox

Spartans Boxing Club started with ABC Glofox as a single studio in 2015 and expanded to a franchise model in 2018. In just 4 years, Spartans Boxing Clubs have grown their franchise model to 13 locations in ASEAN and 2 locations in MENA regions, with a further 9 more scheduled or coming soon including new territories in Australia and the Philippines. ABC Glofox provides Spartans with ultimate transparency on their franchisee performance and success metrics, allowing the team to maximize results and provide solutions where needed.

ABC Glofox

ABC Glofox is an industry-leading fitness business management platform that allows enterprises to create a seamless brand, billing, and booking experience for all of their locations. Processing global payments and catering to businesses in over 60 countries, ABC Glofox is a platform that can provide you with dependable, reliable growth 
at scale.