How Carpe Diem BJJ Boosted Membership by 500% With ABC Glofox

Glofox Customer
Carpe Diem BJJ
“ABC Glofox enables my whole team to focus on
customer experience and sales.” 
Carpe Diem BJJ
Mehdi Elaichouni






To scale their business

Carpe Diem Brazillian Jiu-jitsu is part of a global network of boutique martial arts gyms. Mehdi Elaichouni is co-founder of the brand’s two locations in Singapore, where it is changing the fitness landscape with its signature mix of BJJ, HIIT, Yoga, and Animal Flow. To adapt to the many needs of its staff and members, Carpe Diem BJJ needed a fitness platform that provided them with all the features they needed to scale their business.


All-in-one software

Partnering with ABC Glofox, Carpe Diem BJJ were able to:

  • Automate most of their admin tasks.
  • Provide a seamless customer experience to all their members. 
  • Receive clear insights on their growth and revenue data.
  • Present a clear and consistent brand for all their locations.
  • Sustainably scale and grow
    their business.

Seamless branded experience for members

ABC Glofox has empowered Mehdi to create a seamless branded experience for members; everything from booking classes to buying uniforms is done through ABC Glofox. Members find the app very easy to use, which means that the Carpe Diem team can focus their attention on sales and customer experience. It also allows Mehdi and his team to diversify their business, offering children’s classes and holiday camps to increase revenue and memberships.


ABC Glofox

ABC Glofox provided Mehdi with foundational features his business needed to thrive. Carpe Diem BJJ boosted their membership by 500% thanks to the engagement tools and sleek, intuitive business features available on the ABC Glofox app. Now, Mehdi and his team can relax knowing that all the day-to-day admin tasks are covered by ABC Glofox, allowing them to focus on selling, brand awareness, and providing the best possible customer experience to their members.