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How Uber Shape Increased Their Online Store Purchases by 300% With Glofox

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How Live Fit Continues to Grow at Scale Using Glofox

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Lion Fitness Delivers a Seamless Digital Experience to Members Using Glofox

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How The Badass Rules Boosted Member Attendance with Glofox Online Classes

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How Switch Playground Made a Smooth Transition to Switch (On)line Using Glofox

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How Cadence Pilates Made a Smooth Transition to a Hybrid Model Using Glofox

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How Chris Bowman Expanded His Brand Presence and Reach with Glofox Online Classes

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How JOURNEYFIT Established a Strong Market Presence With the Help of Glofox

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BeFit Manages the Many Challenges That Go Along with Being a Fitness Entrepreneur with Glofox

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How Panthéon uses Glofox to Grow the Business While Retaining the Studios DNA

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Katana Studio

How Katana Parkour uses Glofox to Streamline their Class Bookings and Schedules

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Glofox Helps Girls Just Wanna Box in Building and Retaining a Committed Member Base

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Power Yoga Romania Ensure Their Members Are Highly Engaged with the Help of Glofox

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ConBody Drastically Cut down on Admin Time Using Glofox

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How Wilson Athletic Uses Glofox To Stand Apart From Competitors

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BikeRowSki Cut Down Admin Time By 95% With The Help Of Glofox

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Ramsay Fitness Use Glofox to Ensure They Deliver a High-Quality Member Experience

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Ambition Fitness Ensure Their Members Have a Personalised Experience With the Help of Glofox

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Posto Nove Manage and Grow the Business Effectively With Glofox

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RiccioFit Manages the Challenges of Being a Fitness Entrepreneur with Glofox

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“Our attendance numbers are up because people are looking to add structure to their day so by making sure to book into classes through the Glofox app they are holding themselves accountable.”
Julie Duncan from The Badass Rules

Don’t just manage your gym, grow it by creating a member experience that retains members.

“Once we started using Glofox, our admin time shot down by 95% immediately. It boosted my productivity and gave me the physical and mental availability to be in the studio and on the floor where I could really make a difference."
Stephen Weinmann
Founder BikeRowSki

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