Baraza Yoga: Thriving with ABC Glofox

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Baraza Yoga
“We turned 5 years old this month and ABC Glofox has been such a big part of that process”
Alex Du Toit
Founder, Baraza Yoga


The Challenge


Unique Features & Capabilities

ABC Glofox


Starting the Journey

When Alex moved to Lisbon in November 2018, she felt a void in the local yoga scene. Missing the yoga culture they loved in Cape Town, she decided to create their own space. “We launched almost five years ago,” Alex recalls. “Opening in May 2019, we were driven by blind hope, faith, and a lot of hard work.” Despite facing the unexpected challenge of COVID-19, Baraza Yoga persevered, building a community that now boasts around a thousand active members.


Building a reliable member experience

After struggling with other fitness booking platforms, Alex chose to work with ABC Glofox to create a more professional and streamlined experience for her staff and members. What she got was an industry-leading, intuitive booking and payments platform that also included a branded app for her members to use and enjoy. 

“The sweetener for me was the branded app…it’s just such a beautiful, simple-to-use app.” 


Choosing ABC Glofox

Initially, Alex used MindBody for their booking system, but it fell short of their needs. “After two years of struggling, I was desperate for a change,” Alex shares. Enter ABC Glofox. The seamless transition and exceptional support from the Glofox team made all the difference. 

“It gives me control again over my business as opposed to just being treated by customer support.”


Bringing the joy back to daily life

I get all excited these days when I get this little pop-up that says ABC Glofox has something new.”

The ever-expanding features of the ABC Glofox platform have given peace of mind to Alex and her team. With a steady release of new features and capabilities, the ABC Glofox platform is always improving and becoming more useful to our members. 

“The addition of the trainer payroll rates has saved me hours… nothing’s hidden, everything’s super transparent and that’s what I love.” 


Modernize your business with ABC Glofox

Baraza Yoga used ABC Glofox’s intuitive platform, seamless booking software and modern, branded app to provide a professional experience to every member that walked into their studio. Once complex tasks like paying staff, tracking members, and building an app became a simple, almost instantaneous process. 

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