RiccioFit Manages the Challenges of Being a Fitness Entrepreneur with Glofox

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Revenue Reports to Better Track the Progress of the Business

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    Group Strength Training
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    Revenue reports and push notification

About RiccioFit

Bill Riccio was working as a trainer at a New York studio, but had always had ambitions to be his own boss. Working previously as a trainer meant he had grown a loyal following of trainees and in 2017 he finally decided to open a studio of his own and work for himself.

Bill and his wife opened RiccioFit in Lindenhurst, NY and began offering group strength training classes as well as a yoga practice. They opened up in an area with a lot of competition – as Bill puts it:

“There’s a gym on every corner in our neighborhood. You really need to know how to set yourself apart.”

“My business is just me and my wife for now so I have to be both trainer, receptionist, and everything in between. Having extra time to do admin isn’t an option, so having an easy to use software like Glofox is a lifesaver.”

Bill Riccio from RiccioFit

The challenge? Getting the studio set up and running

Bill knew that he didn’t want to repeat some of the mistakes that he had seen play out in the studio he worked in before opening his own studio. He had experienced many issues with the management software used in his previous studio – with both the trainers, the admins, and the members. Bill knew he needed to find something that was going to be a better fit and provide a better user experience:

“Nothing ever went smoothly with that old software. The admins that were using it thought it was a nightmare. I knew that I needed to find a software that was constantly growing and changing and was going to be a better fit for my studio.”

Bill knew that he needed to set up a studio with excellent customer service and an amazing experience to set himself apart in his competitive neighborhood. He was also on the hunt for a software that would give him the data he needed in order to grow. With this criteria in mind, Bill set about finding a better alternative and his search led him to Glofox!

How has Glofox helped? Freeing up time to create the best user experience

Opening his own studio posed challenges for Bill that he needed to overcome quickly in order to succeed. One of those was having the time and the stamina to wear many hats. Glofox has helped give Bill some of his time back:

“My business is just me and my wife for now so I have to be both trainer, receptionist, and everything in between. Having extra time to do admin isn’t an option, so having an easy to use software like Glofox is a lifesaver.”

Bill not only appreciates the time he saves – Glofox also gives him invaluable tools that helped him hit and exceed his initial targets. The Revenue Reports were instrumental as they gave him the data he needed to expand the business to 2X his target. He is also able to keep his high customer service standards with Glofox’s personalized features – he and his wife contact each member directly and the Push Notifications in their member app are a lifesaver in automating this.

What’s next for RiccioFit?

Bill plans to continue to expand the studio by continually adding more classes to a full schedule, and he and his wife are looking to bring on their first employee within the next few months. Having Glofox on board will help make that transition from a 2-person team operation to a well-oiled machine much smoother.

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