Girls Just Wanna Box & ABC Glofox: A 200% Revenue Increase

Glofox Customer
Girls Just Wanna Box
“We wanted to create a community program, and
ABC Glofox made that possible for us.”
Girls Just Wanna Box
Kristina Ejem






Create a more community-focused experience for their members

Founders of Girls Just Wanna Box (GJWB), Kristina and Helene, are passionate about sharing their love of boxing and empowering women through GJWB classes and products. The GJWB journey began over a decade ago before boxing was a fitness trend and proving no one is an overnight success. In their search to create a more community-focused experience for their members, they discovered the power of the ABC Glofox platform.


All-in-one software

Partnering with ABC Glofox, Girls Just Wanna Box were able to: 

  • Create a strong sense of community for their members.
  • Simplify member signups and class booking.
  • Boost their brand with a sleek, custom member app.
  • Sell more merch more easily with a seamless online store.
  • Sustainably scale and grow their business. 

Sustainable business growth with member engagement

GJWB now has the platform they need to sustainably grow their business while also keeping their members engaged and informed. Community is deeply important to Kristina and Helene, and they enjoy how the ABC Glofox platform allows them to boost this for their members. Additionally, they now have a 360-degree view on how their products are selling and can even implement sales or discounts with the click of a button.


ABC Glofox

ABC Glofox helped Girls Just Wanna Box to make their business feel more inclusive, engaging, and community focused. It also gave peace of mind to Kristina and Helene, allowing them to focus less on mundane tasks and more on how they can better support their members. Revenue has skyrockets 200% thanks to their collaboration with ABC Glofox, giving GJWB the scalability and foundational insights they need to thrive as a business.