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How Eternal Fitness Gained 400+ Members With Glofox

  • Location:
    Leland, North Carolina
  • Services Offered:
    Community-Focused Gym
  • Most Valued ABC Glofox Feature:
    Optimizing Daily Processes
5 min read
10 Nov 2023

About Eternal Fitness:

Eternal Fitness is a gym based in Leland, North Carolina, founded in 2022. While working as a personal trainer in Leland and nearby towns, founder Brandon Cala noticed a lack of fitness facilities for the Leland community where people could have a membership and become part of a fitness community.  

With a degree in Exercise Science and a seasoned career as a personal trainer, Brandon had the drive and dedication needed to hit the ground running and bring a new fitness experience to Leland. Eternal Fitness is dedicated to delivering a high-quality, community-focused gym experience with a highly trained staff. Brandon offers memberships, training, and class options, and even short-term childcare, allowing members to completely focus on their workout with peace of mind. 

“I think that Glofox is very receptive to feedback, which is really important. They do a really good job listening to the gyms that utilize them and that's really awesome. I’m so happy with that.”

Brandon Cala
Eternal Fitness

Eternal Fitness’s Biggest Challenge:

As Brandon began the process of building a gym tailored to the Leland community, he wanted to find a software that would help him effectively manage his business finances, recruit and retain members, and keep his processes and operations simple. His goal was to streamline operations so he and his staff could focus on getting to know members, meeting their needs, and driving growth.  

A Software Partner That Listens 

When seeking out a platform to open and launch Eternal Fitness, Brandon reached out to his fellow operators to understand what they’d tried. After hearing about issues with their current solutions, he began researching online for additional options and quickly found ABC Glofox. Brandon had several must-haves, and ABC Glofox met all of them. They included: 

  • An all-in-one software to consolidate workflows 
  • Strong analytics and data tracking 
  • Integrated payments system 
  • Class and appointment scheduling 
  • Responsive customer support 

His initial conversation with ABC Glofox focused on understanding business needs and ensuring he’d found the right solution for his unique model. Onboarding began before Brandon and his team officially opened, which allowed them to start strong with a system in place from day one. This included both hands-on training and self-paced training material to ensure he and his team were operating with confidence upon opening.  

Since onboarding, Brandon and his team feel like they’ve found a true partner in ABC Glofox. They’ve appreciated how the team at ABC Glofox actively worked to improve the software based on input from Eternal Fitness and other clubs. 

I think that Glofox is very receptive to feedback, which is really important. They do a really good job listening to the gyms that utilize them and that’s really awesome. I’m so happy with that.” 

  • Brandon Cala, Founder

Eternal Fitness’ Success with ABC Glofox: 

ABC Glofox has had a real, measurable impact on Eternal Fitness’s growth. Having the ABC Glofox system in place from day one helped Eternal Fitness grow to 400 members in under a year. By enabling a simple experience for both staff and members, Brandon and the team can take a member-first approach.  

Simple Experience for Staff and Members:  

Brandon and his team credit ABC Glofox with optimizing daily processes and keeping the gym running smoothly, without spending a ton of time on staff training and re-training. Since learning platform, Brandon only needs to spend two to three hours training new employees on the system before they’re up and running. This means his staff can spend more time creating a great member experience at Eternal Fitness. 

With ABC Glofox, staff can quickly sign-up members up, check them into the gym, and check children into their childcare. Trainers can keep members informed of class schedules and easily schedule one-on-one sessions, making it easy to manage key tasks without having to navigate multiple systems.  

Glofox puts everything in one place and definitely helps generate revenue. 

Brandon Cala, Founder 

Member-First Approach 

As an avid gym goer and fitness enthusiast, Brandon understands what members value most in a gym membership. With that, Eternal Fitness differentiates from other gyms in the area with a highly personalized member experience that creates a community feel.  

This is made possible by leveraging ABC Glofox tools to track member activity, identify and communicate with potential new members, track calls and emails to members, and understand the most popular services and classes to offer. Deep analytics keep Brandon and his team informed about their member trends, helping provide them with the services they want and need the most from his gym. 

In addition, because day-to-day staff tasks are consolidated in one easy –to-use platform, they can focus on spending time getting to know each member on a personal level leading to a warm and welcoming atmosphere for new and existing members at Eternal Fitness.  

 Glofox keeps everything on the up and up. It’s really easy to use. The members like it and the staff like it.

 Brandon Cala, Founder 

What’s next for Brandon and Eternal Fitness: 

In the short term, the Eternal Fitness team is working to continue to build its membership base and grow class attendance. ABC Glofox is making it easier for them to: 

  1. Fill up classes: Members can find and book classes in their branded member app or online, sign up for waiting lists and even bring a friend to sample the Eternal Fitness experience. 
  2. Drive member growth by better understanding what their members want, don’t want, and how to provide a memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more. With these insights they can stand out in the local community and offer a unique fitness experience. 
  3. Retain more members with unique and personalized marketing communications, promotions, and incentives. 

As Eternal Fitness continues to grow, Brandon and the team look for future opportunities to make the most impact and serve more people within the Leland community. From more classes to more members to more locations, ABC Glofox is the proven software partner for Eternal Fitness’s evolving needs.