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How Wolfhound Fitness Increased Revenues by 29% With Glofox

  • Location:
    Mullingar, Ireland
  • Services offered:
    Strength and Conditioning, Nutritional Programming
  • Most-valued Glofox feature:
    Bookings and Payments
5 min read
30 Nov 2021

About Wolfhound Fitness

Wolfhound Fitness is a state-of-the-art fitness facility in Mullingar, Ireland, where owners and husband and wife Joe and Katie Murphy have developed an offering to target people of all fitness levels, from beginners to athletes.

Joe has always been passionate about fitness, and Katie had an entrepreneurial drive. At around 25 years old, the couple knew they wanted to open a fitness business together. They spotted a gap in the market in their local area and began studying and saving to work towards their goal. Together with their passion, drive, and determination, Wolfhound Fitness opened its doors in 2016.

With core programming focused on strength and conditioning alongside nutritional advice, the vision was to create a positive, competitive, and fun environment, and these brand values are still present today. As a result, the business is thriving despite the challenges presented by Covid. Joe and Katie have built a loyal membership base – waitlists are always full, and between August and October, the business’s revenues increased 29%.

“There are a hundred things we could be doing in any one day. Glofox helps us to make the best use of our time.”

Joe and Katie Murphy
Wolfhound Fitness

The Challenge? Finding a software solution to streamline operations and deliver a fantastic member experience

Joe and Katie started Wolfhound Fitness to build a community and provide a personalized experience that delivers results. From the beginning, Katie knew they would need software that would provide seamless automation, offer a great member experience, and free up time so the couple could focus their efforts on growing the business:

“Even before starting the gym, I knew we would need software. We needed something that would allow the business to run efficiently – even if we weren’t there all day every day.”

Over five years, Joe and Katie have built a tight-knit community of loyal members. Glofox empowers the couple to run the business efficiently and deliver a seamless experience to their members.

How Has Glofox Helped? Intuitive features that empower Wolfhound Fitness to keep members accountable

A robust booking system is essential for ensuring that every session at Wolfhound Fitness maintains its quality. Glofox enables members to manage their bookings effortlessly:

“The day-to-day booking is fantastic. Our members love being able to manage their bookings. It also means that if someone cancels a class, people on the waitlist are automatically notified so they can book a spot. The whole process saves them a lot of time and us a lot of time.”

As well as bookings, recurring payments help Joe and Katie streamline operations and deliver an effortless experience to their members:

“We’ve recently started using recurring payments on our membership options. It takes the hassle out of changing this for members each week, and also means that a member’s account will always give them the freedom to book the classes they want.”

Push notifications help keep members engaged and up to date on what’s happening at the gym:

“The push notifications are really beneficial when you have to communicate with people about upcoming events. If there’s a waitlist, I’ll also use it to remind people to cancel, so members on the waitlist get in. It triggers people straight away; it’s great for real-time action from members and keeping them engaged.”

At Wolfhound, membership spaces are limited so that each session delivers consistent high quality, and every person receives the support they need to succeed:

“As a company, we really value the quality of the coaching we provide, so we don’t want to falter on that. We want to make sure we don’t take on too many members at once because we always want to provide our service to a certain standard.”

When Covid came, their member-centric approach meant that Joe and Katie were preparing to take the business online before the first lockdown measures were imposed across Ireland. They wanted to make sure they were ready to be there for their community:

“We pivoted quite early. We closed before the guidelines and restrictions came in, so it gave us time in advance to plan how we were going to tackle it. We moved online straight away with online programming, Zoom classes, and hiring out our equipment.”

As well as pivoting to running an online business, Joe and Katie made the most of the lockdown by using the time to expand their facility:

“Covid has been a big learning curve, but I think when you’re out on the other side, it’s easier to look back and see the positives that came from it. We’ve expanded to another floor in the building – something we were planning on doing anyway pre-covid, but lockdown allowed us to get that done without disrupting members.”

Since reopening, having the additional space has enabled Joe and Katie to maintain their membership levels while adhering to capacity restrictions and government guidelines. As well as the training space, they have used part of the new extension to create a social space for members. ‘The Social Side’ is an area with a coffee shop and seating where members can chat and get to know each other outside of class:

“The Social Side is my favorite part of the new extension because that’s where the magic happens. If you can become connected with the community around you and get involved with the social part of training, that’s when it becomes a really valuable part of your life. We love the social side of training here at Wolfhound Fitness!”

What’s Next for Wolfhound Fitness?

The gym works closely with the GAA, which is Ireland’s national sport, and Wolfhound Fitness will be focusing on this partnership over the coming months:

“Between now and the end of the year, we’ll be picking back up with the GAA again, and it’ll be a main focus for us.”

Katie and Joe will also continue investing in their community, as they make plans to maximize the potential of the newly built training space:

“We’re really just enjoying being open again, getting members into the social side. The last 18 months have been really tough for everyone, and people are just so happy to be back in the gym.”

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