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How Pin Up Pole Studio Increased Revenues by 124% With Glofox

  • Location:
    Rio de Janeiro
  • Services offered:
    Pole Dance Studio
  • Most-valued Glofox feature:
    The Glofox app and reports
5 min read
18 Aug 2021

About Pin Up Pole Studio

Pin Up Pole is a fitness studio based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, specializing in pole dancing. Co-owner Thomás Martinoia joined the business originally founded by his partner, Fernanda Figueira, in 2017. The business was small but successful, usually running with around two students per class.

As Thomás and Fernanda began running Pin Up Pole Studio together, they focused their efforts on building a high-quality team and increasing brand awareness to drive growth for the business. They relocated to larger premises to have the capacity to hold more members, and by continuously reinvesting their profits into the business, the brand grew quickly. Today, Pin Up Pole Studio has a massive presence on social media, with almost 60K loyal followers on Instagram.

Despite a challenging year with various lockdowns and restrictions in Brazil, the business has successfully attracted new members worldwide with its online offering. Between March and July of this year, revenues have grown 124%.

“I really like the dashboard; it’s nice and simple. It’s very useful to see how the business is performing and allows us to plan how to continue investing in the right areas of the business.”

Thomás Martinoia
Pin Up Pole Studio

The Challenge? Finding a global software provider to support a growing brand and its loyal community

Thomás and Fernanda knew they needed to find a software that could support the needs of a fast-growing business, but their first provider let them down:

“With our previous software provider, it really felt like they didn’t care. Every request was too complicated for them; they didn’t support us.”

One of the biggest roadblocks for the business was that the software was unable to facilitate app payments in Brazil:

“They wouldn’t facilitate app payments in Brazil, and this made it more difficult for us to run the business.”

The software lacked simple functionality; instead of helping the business grow efficiently, it slowed operations down and meant that valuable time was spent on administrative tasks:

“We ended up having to use a separate eCommerce platform for sales and manually adding credits for students. We couldn’t understand why our software wouldn’t provide this very simple feature – it should have been included.”

With consistent problems, Thomás wanted to find a new solution that could cater to fitness businesses across global markets and provide features to help scale Pin Up Pole Studio.

How Has Glofox Helped? Providing powerful insights to help increase revenues and tools that deliver a seamless member experience

Glofox delivers a clean and simple user experience for Thomás and Fernanda. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy to see how the business is performing:

“I really like the dashboard; it’s nice and simple. It’s very useful to see how the business is performing and allows us to plan how to continue investing in the right areas of the business.”

Push notifications have become another benefit to Pin Up Pole Studio. Classes are popular, and the notifications have been instrumental when it comes to managing the studio’s waitlist. With the tap of a button, the notifications allow members to quickly enroll in a class they’ve been waiting for:

“The push notifications are very useful, especially for our waitlists – it helps us to keep class attendance up. It’s an intelligent system.”

The Glofox app has been a huge benefit for Thomás, Fernanda, and their community of loyal members. As a global software provider, Glofox offers a wide range of language options to cater to fitness businesses around the world – something that Pin-Up Pole Studio’s previous provider lacked:

“The app is very beautiful; the user app is beautiful, they are so easy to use. It’s made a huge difference having everything on the app translated to Portuguese; this is very important for us. Our last provider only had the option for English, which was isolating for our customers.”

Switching to Glofox has also helped Pin Up Pole studio pivot to delivering online classes; something that was a challenging process with their last provider:

“I love the Zoom link because, again, our last providers didn’t have it. We offer online live classes and online recorded – different people prefer different options, and I think we will continue offering them after Coronavirus.”

Pin Up Pole reaches a wide audience with its online offering, largely due to its marketing strategy. With ambitious growth goals, Thomás hired someone to focus solely on social media. Pin Up Pole currently has almost 60K followers on Instagram, with a focus on sharing high-quality and engaging content with its audience:

“Having one person dedicated to social is really important. When we started recording classes, we were also producing the material to sell them on social. So we have very high-quality content that’s engaging to people, and we’re generating the revenue to push back into the business and our paid social ads.”

What’s Next for Pin Up Pole Studio?

The business has been successful through lockdown by pivoting online to provide both live and on-demand classes. Pin Up Pole Studio will continue to offer online workout options, monitoring their success as they go to determine where to focus on in the business over the coming months:

“Our online classes are doing well both via Zoom and recorded because we have a huge reach through our social media. So we will continue to offer both after Covid, though I don’t know that we’ll have many more people join for the live classes, I could be wrong! But we will keep them and see how they do.”

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