How Chris Bowman Expanded His Brand Presence and Reach with Glofox Online Classes

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    Scotland, UK
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    A boutique-style fitness club offering group fitness classes, personal training and bootcamps
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About Chris Bowman Fitness

Chris is the owner of Chris Bowman Fitness, a boutique style private fitness club with community at the core. Chris and his team of committed instructors offer both individual personal training, up to 6 group classes a day and over 30 each week ranging from HIIT to Spinning and Pilates to Suspension Training. He wanted to build an inclusive community of fit and healthy members who would be supported on their respective fitness journeys. Having set up the club in 2010, Chris’ club has gone from strength to strength with a group of loyal and committed members.

"I’ve gained new members since transitioning to online classes with Glofox. Members are joining our workouts from South Africa, Edinburgh and London! Now that distance is no longer a barrier, past members were able to return!"

Chris Bowman from Chris Bowman Fitness

The Challenge

Chris was aware that potential changes due to COVID-19 would be coming down the line and began to assess whether the fitness club would be able to move to an online class model. Having seen examples of other studios operating online, Chris set about temporarily moving to an online at-home set up.

How has Chris overcome this?

Re-launching as an online studio has worked well for Chris and his members with excellent engagement from his members and classes filling up.

Chris made sure to vocalise to members, past and present, about the transition to online classes and his efforts paid off with old members returning to the studio and signing up for the classes.

“I’ve gained new members since transitioning to online classes with Glofox. Members are joining our workouts from South Africa, Edinburgh and London! Now that distance is no longer a barrier, past members were able to return!”

The transition from an in-studio offering, to online at-home workouts had its challenges, Chris managed to pivot his offering to online with almost 10 varieties of classes and workouts. With routines changing due to increasing numbers of his members working from home, Chris ensured to cater to the needs of his members by engaging them in surveys and polls to better understand their needs.

“I sent out surveys and polls and got feedback from my members which enabled me to better structure our online timetable and to be sure that we were providing the right classes at the right times for our members.”

Chris has also encouraged his members to engage even more now that there is distancing in place and is continuing to focus on the community aspect that his members always enjoyed.

“To counter the isolation that people could find themselves in, I am providing even more opportunities for our community to engage and interact. We join 10 minutes before a workout for a chat and 10 minutes after for a catch-up. I also share news, and tips and encourage others to do so!”

What’s Next for Chris Bowman Fitness?

Having seen the online classes take off with great success Chris hopes to continue to offer some classes online to continue to provide the option for an at-home workout to those who have found them to be more convenient.

“The online classes will be a fixture in our timetable once we re-open. I’ve seen how embracing digital fitness can provide accessibility to even more people and it has opened my eyes to how it can be used to complement our in-studio offering.”

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