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Retaining Customers Post-January Rush with Gym Management Software

Retaining Customers Post-January Rush with Gym Management Software

A hallmark of the fitness industry is the upsurge in new fitness regimes come January; it’s hard to miss. However, approximately one third of those who take up a new routine in January will quit before the month is out.

This leaves fitness business owners back where they started, reviewing monthly attendance reports while contemplating what they could have done differently. It makes sense to develop a ‘new year, new you’ member retention strategy using your gym management software NOW, that you can implement in January.

1. Embrace the Community Aspect

‘New Year New Me’ January members who attend classes alone and do not interact with other members are more likely to drop off due to a lack of community motivation. People don’t go to a fitness studio for a spinning bike or a yoga mat. They want to connect with other members with similar fitness aspirations. Ultimately, this is what will drive them to continue their fitness journey.

Aim to prolong your member’s commitment to health and wellness by connecting them with more than just a fitness goal. You could encourage interaction between your members and trainers by allowing a quick Q & A session at the end of class. Or, instead of a Christmas Party, why not have a January new members Party?

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2. Add More Value

The level of value required to engage and retain members is growing all the time. To succeed in such a competitive market, you must identify value adding benefits that you (and only you) can give your customers. This could be something as simple as free online nutrition resources, only available to members, or a mobile app for members to book and pay – anytime, anywhere.

When you’re speaking with potential clients in January, be sure sure to run through all of the extra value they’ll receive from your service, value that makes you stand out from your rivals. The best fitness businesses find a way to add more value to their clients outside of their time working out or taking classes.

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3. Subscription Payments

A subscription payment, or ‘recurring’ payment, is an automatic payment from a member’s bank account or credit card to your business. When you create a recurring membership plan, the membership will continuously repeat after a time period set by you, for example monthly. Recurring payments are the best way to build a long and stable business, as they require a greater level of commitment from your customer. This in turn will encourage them to stick to their new fitness regime.

Monthly recurring subscription payments are now available via companies like Stripe, hassle free. If you use Glofox gym management software, we provide an integration with Stripe so that you can manage all of your subscriptions directly from the Glofox dashboard.


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4.Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a critical component of your member retention strategy. With a mobile app, you have the ability to deliver content to any customer who has downloaded your App. Once used correctly, your App can be an extremely clever and effective tool to keep clients engaging with your business day after day.

All Glofox Apps have a Newsfeed feature where gym and studio owners can add valuable content for their members, such as blog posts, training videos, nutrition tips and general updates. That’s right, your members can get their daily fix of fitness inspo, directly from your branded app!

You can send your members push notifications when a new piece of content is added to the newsfeed, encouraging them to check it out. By keeping your members engaged through your app, they’re more likely to become loyal to your business.

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5. Loyalty Program

Flexible class drop in rates are becoming increasingly common across gyms and studios, making it easier for customers to hop from studio to studio – without any commitment. Why not Introduce a loyalty program through your gym management software in an attempt to reduce the number of customers you see dwindling away by the end of February?

You can tailor your loyalty program so that it’s unique to your business. Why wait until the industry norm of the 10th class free? Why not give them their 6th class free? By doing so, you have the opportunity to help your members realise the added value your business can offer, in a shorter space of time. If you manage to keep customers for an entire year instead of just a month because of it – it’ll be worth it.

Members want to feel rewarded for their loyalty and this is a great way of showing you care about them. Simple, but effective. Find a way of rewarding clients that works for your gym or studio. Remember, this is an opportunity to convey your business’s unique characteristics. Make the most of it!

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To conclude, it’s time to avoid the revolving door of fitness by figuring out what combination of strategies work best for your gym or fitness studio. But be cautious, don’t let existing customers slip away for people who aren’t even in your grasp just yet. Be sure to identify the right balance between spending your energy on new and existing customers.

Find gym management software that works well for your business, and when you do, stick to it.

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