The Customer
Engagement Playbook
for Your Fitness

Customer engagement is the way in which a brand
connects with its customers on a deeper level than a
simple business and consumer relationship.

Here are some tips on how to get
your customers to engage with
your brand in a meaningful way.

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    By putting your members first, your metrics will automatically look good.

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    Customers find calls to be the single most frustrating way to enage with customer services.

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    Social media is a fantastic place to let personalities behind your brand shine through.


Don’t just manage your gym, grow it by creating a member experience that retains members.

“Once we started using Glofox, our admin time shot down by 95% immediately. It boosted my productivity and gave me the physical and mental availability to be in the studio and on the floor where I could really make a difference."
Stephen Weinmann
Founder BikeRowSki

Thousands of customers love us because their members love them

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