The Customer
Engagement Playbook
for Your Fitness

Customer engagement is the way in which a brand
connects with its customers on a deeper level than a
simple business and consumer relationship.

Here are some tips on how to get
your customers to engage with
your brand in a meaningful way.

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    By putting your members first, your metrics will automatically look good.

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    Customers find calls to be the single most frustrating way to enage with customer services.

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    Social media is a fantastic place to let personalities behind your brand shine through.


Don’t just manage your gym, grow it by creating a member experience that retains members.

“Ensuring an effortless experience is a core focus for Uber Shape. Easy bookings, communication, and online store purchases help the business maximize its revenue potential.”
Coby van den Ende
Director and Founder of Uber Shape

Thousands of customers love us because their members love them

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