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How to Create Livestream Fitness Classes for Your Studio

livestream fitness class

As the fitness landscape continues to evolve, livestream fitness classes have emerged as a game-changing option for many fitness businesses. 

In our hyper-connected digital world, livestream fitness classes empower gyms and studios to break geographical barriers in order to capture a wider audience and tap into new markets. Further, livestreaming is a valuable opportunity for fitness entrepreneurs to foster growth while futureproofing their business

In this blog, we’ll describe how to create your own livestream classes, including how to choose the best platform, how to create a top-tier streaming experience, and how to promote your classes so that you’re always fully booked. Let’s dive in!

A step-by-step guide to creating livestream fitness classes

The best livestream fitness classes are the result of careful planning and preparation. Here are 6 essential things to consider when setting up your own fitness livestream.

Decide which fitness classes to stream 

Determining which classes to stream should be a thoughtful process. 

First, consider the classes that resonate most with your existing members. Is it high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or slow-paced yoga? Leverage your client feedback and engagement data for insights. If your sunrise yoga class consistently has waitlists, it’s a strong candidate for streaming. 

Also, survey your audience to understand their virtual fitness preferences. For example, if your clientele includes busy professionals, offering livestreamed 30-minute express workouts might do the trick.

Balancing your current successes with the needs of your potential online audience is key to creating an impactful livestream schedule.

Choose a platform 

The right livestream platform can make or break the client experience. That’s why you need to consider factors such as ease of use, interactive features, cost, and integration with your existing systems. 

Popular platforms like Zoom and Facebook or Instagram Live are user-friendly and easily accessible. That said, social media platforms are known for ever-changing features and fickle algorithms, which can impact how you run your streams. 

For a more specialized experience, consider a platform specifically designed for fitness businesses, including booking and payment systems. If your audience is global, consider a platform that can handle different time zones and languages. 

Finally, always trial a platform before fully committing to ensure it aligns with your specific needs and offers a seamless experience for your clients. 

Customize your site

A strong brand identity fosters trust and influences sign-ups. Your livestream platform should mirror your in-person experience, extending your unique brand aesthetic to the virtual realm. 

Customize your platform’s look and feel to align with your brand colors, logo, and style. If possible, design a unique landing page with images from your classes, positive testimonials, and clear calls-to-action. Ensure that the sign-up process is simple and intuitive. 

Lastly, provide a secure payment gateway with transparent policies. A user-friendly and secure platform will make potential clients more comfortable and inclined to register for your livestream fitness classes.

Invest in proper lighting 

Just because you can stream a fitness class from your iPhone doesn’t mean that you should. It’s worth investing in proper equipment to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for your clients.

For instance, proper lighting is essential for ensuring high-quality livestreams. Poorly lit videos can detract from the viewer experience, making it harder for participants to follow along. 

Start with a basic ring light — it’s affordable and adjustable, which is perfect for close-up demonstrations. For larger spaces, consider softbox lights to evenly distribute light and prevent harsh shadows. A combination of these options can help highlight the instructor and the background separately. 

Also, make sure you can control brightness levels depending on natural light conditions. 

Ensure high quality video

If you want your livestream classes to look professional, high quality video equipment is a must. No one likes grainy footage or shaky cameras when they’re trying to follow a workout. 

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To get started, consider investing in a high-definition (HD) webcam or a smartphone with a high-quality camera (again, exercise caution here). If your budget permits, consider DSLR or mirrorless cameras for superior image quality. 

A tripod is essential for stable footage; choose one with adjustable heights for various angles. Plus, don’t forget a reliable high-speed internet connection to prevent annoying buffering. 

When you invest in making your livestream classes more visually appealing and professional, you’ll keep your viewers engaged and eager for more!

Finetune your audio set-up

If you want to make sure your clients can hear your instruction, you need to invest in quality audio equipment. Poor audio can lead to missed prompts and distractions, which impacts the effectiveness of your workouts. 

Consider starting with a good lavalier microphone, which clips to your clothing; it provides clear sound while allowing free movement. If you’re in a larger space, a wireless headset microphone may be more suitable. 

For background music, consider a sound mixing board to balance the volume levels between your voice and the music. Test your setup beforehand to ensure crisp, clear audio. 

Remember, clear communication is the backbone of successful livestream fitness classes.

How to promote your livestream fitness classes

Effective promotion is key to driving attendance for your livestream fitness classes. 

First, leverage your social media platforms to share class teasers, client testimonials, and behind-the-scenes content from recent livestreams. Email marketing is another powerful tool, offering detailed class descriptions and links for easy sign-up to the next session. 

Consider partnerships with local businesses or influencers to cross-promote your livestream classes to reach an even wider audience. 

To entice first-time participants, offer a free introductory class or discounts for multiple bookings. Remember to highlight the convenience and value of livestream classes in your messaging. 

The benefits of livestream fitness classes

Livestream fitness classes offer several unique benefits for gyms and participants alike:

  • Flexible Scheduling – Livestream classes appeal to people with busy or unpredictable schedules, and clients are empowered to tune in at a time that works for them.
  • Various Formats – Online fitness classes easily accommodate various workout formats, so long as specialized equipment isn’t required.
  • Live Interaction – These classes facilitate live interaction, providing the energy and accountability of a group class in a private environment.

The pros and cons of livestream vs. pre-recorded classes

Livestream classes and pre-recorded videos each have their unique merits. 

Livestreams offer real-time energy and accountability akin to in-person classes, fostering a sense of community. They require no post-production, eliminating the need to edit and upload video content, thereby saving time. However, they require a stable internet connection and the presence of both instructors and participants. 

Pre-recorded videos, on the other hand, allow users to workout at their convenience and can be replayed, offering a permanent resource. However, they lack the immediate feedback of livestreams and require editing and uploading after the fact.

Both formats have their place, and the choice depends on your business goals and client preferences.

So, what’s next? 

Livestream fitness classes are a great option for fitness businesses looking to scale. 

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