How to Make a Successful Move to a New Premises

Anthony Kelly
30 September 15
3 min read
How to Make a Successful Move to a New Premises

Whether searching for the right location as a new gym or fitness studio business owner or moving to a new location, the process can be extremely challenging and stressful. However if you get it right, it can bring massive rewards and be the start of the business of your dreams!  

Below we share guidance and tips, together with some pitfalls to avoid. 

1.Give Yourself Enough Time for the Transition

No matter how well you plan the move or how in control of the situation you are something will always go wrong which will cause a delay. It is important that you factor in this potential delay when informing members of when the new premises will be ready. If possible, you should try hold onto the keys of the last premises for up to two weeks after your proposed new opening date to avoid a situation of not having anywhere for clients to train. 


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Although this is probably true of all things in life, it is really important that you factor in all the little expenses that you will have along the way. While your budget may include all the major expenses like refurbishment, solicitors’ fees, equipment etc, you should really take some time to try and itemise all the little costs that you may have along the way. When you add up these costs, you will be surprised at how much more expensive the move is, over and above what you originally planned. 

3. Research Your New Area

This is probably the most important thing that you can do before signing contracts on a new location.  If for example, you want to open a high end PT Studio, it is really important to find out if your dream clients live in this area and if they have the disposable income to avail of your services. This applies equally to the type of facility you want to open.  For example, if you run a martial arts studio, is there a reason why there is no martial arts studio in that area? 

4. Know Your Program Inside Out 

How you structure the layout and setup of the space should come directly from your programming and how you intend to train clients. When designing the new space, it is important that you really think about the flow, the transition of people from one station to the next and how this will fit into the structure of the workouts.

5. Make Sure You’re Ready for the Challenge

It’s a big move and an enormous challenge so it is really important that you are ready for it, both mentally and physically and also financially. It is definitely not a move to make if you feel under pressure, too busy or are not sure whether it makes financial sense for you.  

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