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Alex Hormozi’s 5 Key Lessons for Boosting Your Business 

Alex Hormozi

If you’ve been on Instagram, TikTok, or even just the internet recently, there’s a high chance you’ve come across Alex Hormozi. 

Among many other things, Alex Hormozi is the founder and owner of Gym Launch, a business that helps gym owners build massively profitable gyms. Initially, he struggled just like every other gym owner with bookings, sales, and managing a turbulent business in an ever-changing industry. 

Now, after a long journey of learning and experiments, Alex has transformed one struggling gym into a fitness business empire that has helped countless businesses thrive around the world.

Today, Alex and his partner run, a portfolio of companies that generate over $200,000,000 a year in sales.

In short, Alex has made the mistakes and done the research to create a successful business that capitalizes on the opportunities of the fitness industry.

So, how can you do the same? 

Well, you’re in luck, because we sat down with Alex Hormozi and he shared the top lessons you need to boost your sales and create a successful fitness business.

If you want to learn how to convert your leads into sales, create a versatile business model, and prepare for the best (and worst), this is the interview for you. 

Alex Hormozi’s 5 Key Lessons for Boosting Your Business 

1. Change Your Mindset

“The primary thing, and this is what everyone who is in the fitness space has to understand, is that you’re not going to be the Beachbody of online workouts, you’re not going to be the Precision Nutrition of nutrition. 

So what are the competitive advantages that a small business owner has in a local or super local marketplace? 

It’s accountability, and it’s service.”

Alex Hormozi

One of the key takeaways from this conversation is that there needs to be a change in the way you think about running a fitness business. 

If you’re a small-to-medium-sized business, you need to understand that you need to step away from thinking about what your competition has, and instead focus on what you have. 

People are coming to your classes or your studio because you provide a more personalized, community-driven experience: capitalize on that. 

Make sure you are creating a community feeling in every facet of your business model – from the very first welcome as they step into your business to the t-shirt they wear to celebrate being a part of your business. 

Key Takeaway: You’re a business owner, you’ve poured your heart and soul into this business, find ways to share and show that passion with your members – it’ll make all the difference.

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2. They’re Paying You To Care, So Care

“People know they need to stop eating shit and move, right. They all know that. They can Google nutrition plan, they can Google free online workout – you are not going to differentiate or provide value in access in that way. What you are going to be able to provide value is getting them to do the thing that they are not doing. People pay for you to pay attention.”

Alex Hormozi

Alex makes the very solid point that people aren’t coming to you to get fit, they can do that on their own – they’re coming to you for accountability. They need someone to be checking in on their progress every week, making sure that they’re sticking to their routine and getting the exercise they need. 

You and your business need to make sure that you are doing that job for your members. You need to show them that you care, because you do care. These are your customers, and your success relies on their success. Your job doesn’t end when they’ve left your gym or studio – in fact, it’s just begun. As soon as they leave your premises, they need to know that you have their back, and that you will be reaching out to them with guidance, encouragement, and advice. 

Key Takeaway: Create a clear system of encouragement and accountability in your communication plans – your customers need to know you care, and it’s on you to show that.

3. Each Member Of Staff Needs to Generate Revenue

“The remainder of your staff’s day should be on cold reachouts. That means messaging people, making posts, responding to people who comment or like, and asking them if they know anybody who would be interested. When they do that they become revenue generators, not just revenue maintainers or preservers. Now they are actively maintaining revenue for you by keeping your existing customers happy, delivering a higher level of service.”

Alex Hormozi

Each member of staff needs to have a function that ultimately drives revenue for your business. 

No matter the size of your business, you’re going to have your coaches, and then your admin staff (if you’re just starting out, I assume you’re both).

Even if you or your staff are fully booked with your classes, there’s always time to send a message or an email. You need to be relentless in promoting your business online and over the phone: people can never have too much visibility on your business. 

Even if it’s just spending 30 minutes a day reaching out through text, email, or social media, that’s better than nothing.

Build out an accountability structure where cold or new leads are being sought out constantly. Remember, in the fitness world, attrition is inevitable. In most fitness businesses, attrition is 50% a year

That means for every two people you get in the door, you need to already be thinking about adding the next customer, because one of those is going to be gone in less than 12 months, if you’re lucky. 

Key Takeaway: Use your resources to capitalize on generating new leads with every spare moment you have, because attrition is your biggest long-term adversary. 

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4. You Have to be Bad at Something Before Being Good

“There is no way of homeworking your way through it. 

You can only watch trainings for so long: at a certain point you need to dive in the water. You need to step into the ring and get punched in the face – you can watch all the UFC you want but it doesn’t mean you can fight. 

It just basically takes 25 attempts of sucking to kind of figure out the flow of how the script works. I can give you the words to say right now but it’s not about the words. Words are 20% of it. 80% of it is how you say the words. It’s the tonality and the frame you can control on the sale.

Alex Hormozi

This is probably the most important point of all – you’re not going to be good at something the first time you try it, and this is especially true for sales. 

Training can only get you so far, and your leads are always going to be throwing you curveballs – the only way of learning how to manage those curveballs is by stepping up to the plate. 

You and your staff need to get through this learning process, so that you can have a well-oiled, experience sales machine that brings you solid leads and a clear closing rate every single month. 

As a secondary point, every single person in your business needs to be trained in sales. It happens all the time that someone drops in at the wrong moment and speaks to the wrong person: the worst possible thing that person can do at that moment is hand the lead a phone number and say it’s not their problem. You need to prep and drill into all your staff that sales is their problem and train them on every step of the closing process.

Key Takeaway: You and your team need to get on the phone and start making mistakes – it’s the only way to learn how to become a closing machine. 

5. Your First Sale is Only the Beginning of the Process

“There are three sales that should happen. 

The first is going to be your service sell. This is a front-end service sell. 

The second sale is going to happen 24-48 hours later where you go through a nutrition consultation. This is the point where you then also have staff recommending supplements. You are talking $80-$200 a head in profit per person in addition within the first 24-48 hours. That alone can cover the cost of acquisition for a customer which means your front-end service revenue was 100% profit. 

The third sale should happen on Day 14. At this point, you should have gained a certain amount of trust. That’s the point you can sell at the real price points that you are accustomed to selling to and get repaid $2000+ for sales.”

Alex Hormozi

This technique is how you go from just getting by to opening your second and third locations. 

The opening sale is how you keep the lights on, it’s your bread and butter, but it can’t sustain you for long. 

You and your staff need to have a clear and solid onboarding program that not only turns each client into a superfan and a brand advocate from all the care and attention they’ve been getting, but also a dependable and willing source of income for your business. 

This final point is the end goal of all the hard work you’ve put into community building, sales outreach, and training – when all of the four previous points are running smoothly, this should be the inevitable result. 

Remember, This is All Achievable

Running a fitness business is not the easiest thing in the world: but you’re not in this because it’s easy, you’re in this because you’re passionate. 

Remember these five points, use them as your north star, and you will slowly start to see your revenue increase. 

Alex Hormozi’s Five Steps to Success

  1. Change your mindset
  2. They’re paying you to care, so care
  3. Each member of your staff needs to be a sales machine
  4. You need to be bad at something before being good 
  5. Your first sale is only the beginning of the process

Finally, if you’re looking for a fitness partner to guide you through every step of your business journey, we’re ready and waiting.

Glofox is a fitness platform that helps you manage bookings, create a seamless customer experience, and boost your sales and leads opportunities. 

From automated booking features to a fully customizable and branded app, we can be the boost that your fitness business needs, even if it’s just to save you time on repetitive, relentless admin tasks. 

Our end goal is to get you out from behind the desk and out onto the studio floor, which is where we all want to be. 

If you want to learn more about how we can help you grow your fitness business, feel free to reach out to a member of our staff through the link below. 

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