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How to Spot Your Top Talent With ABC Glofox 

Staff Training Tips

As a fitness business owner, you understand the value of exceptional talent. They’re not just employees; they’re the lifeblood of your business, energizing your clients, and driving your brand’s success. But how do you distinguish these standout performers from the rest? That’s where ABC Glofox comes in, not just as a fitness platform but as a partner in your journey to identify and nurture top talent. 

If you’re struggling with keeping your staff members motivated – we have a full-length guide ready for you.  

In this article, we’re going to show exactly how the ABC Glofox platform can help you measure the performance and behavior of your entire team.  

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How to Discover the Potential in Your Team 

1. Real-time Performance Tracking 

At ABC Glofox, we believe in the power of data. Our platform offers performance tracking that allows you to monitor the impact each staff member has on your business.  

What do we mean by performance tracking?  

From the number of classes taught to being able to collect client feedback for all your staff members, we provide a clear, actionable snapshot of their performance. Additionally, our new payroll feature allows you to track how many times your staff members have hit their bonus marks, adding to your ability to track their performance.  

When it comes to their performance reviews, these metrics on the ABC Glofox platform can be priceless in tracking how your staff is helping your business.  

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2. Class Booking Insights 

Understanding the popularity of instructors has never been easier. Our Trainer Insights can show you not just who’s bringing in the most clients, but who’s inspiring them to come back. By tracking attendance patterns and comparing them across instructors, you can quickly identify who’s making the biggest splash in your fitness pool. 

This will give you a high-level view of which staff members are bringing in the most members. However, don’t forget to cancel out any other contributing factors. For example, you may have a trainer with full classes every week, but it might just be because of the time, the type of class taught, or a range of other factors. It’s also important to speak with your trainers regularly to find out what they think is leading to better (or poorer) attendance levels in their classes.  

Remember, the quality of the trainer is just one element of having an attractive fitness business. Community, quality, and value for money are also huge contributing factors.  

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3. Client Feedback Integration 

Your clients’ opinions matter. That’s why ABC Glofox integrates client feedback directly into the platform.  

With the messaging feature, you can send out surveys and referral links that allow you to track the performance and quality of your classes and trainer performance. Make sure to always be looking for feedback – it’s one of the simplest ways of finding flaws in your business. You may have full classes, but something small like a change in class time or even the music choice of the trainer can be a small fix that leads to huge dividends.  

The ABC Glofox platform also allows you to directly speak with all your members, giving them a clear channel of communication to express any complaints or issues that they may have with your staff.  

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4. Sales Metrics 

Every staff member contributes to your business’s financial health. With ABC Glofox, you can track how each team member contributes to sales, be it through sign-ups, upsells, or renewals. This financial insight is crucial in recognizing who’s not just a team player, but a key player in your business growth. 

By analyzing the times when your sales are at their highest, you can deduce which staff members are your biggest performers when it comes to upselling on nutrition supplements, merchandise, and other additional revenue streams. Remember, these secondary revenue streams are often the most underutilized avenues in fitness businesses – make sure that all your staff are in sales mode at all times.  

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Don’t Forget to Educate Your Staff 

Along with being able to track your staff’s performance and metrics through the ABC Glofox app, it can also be an exceptional tool for educating your rising stars on how to run a successful business.  

Sharing sales reports, member insights, and marketing tactics used on the ABC Glofox platform can be a fantastic way of showing staff what methods work best in building a fitness business. If you’re a fitness business owner, chances are that you’ll want to expand your business sometime in the future. You’re going to need a business partner for that, and there’s nobody better than a member of your staff that you’ve trained up from day one.  

Use ABC Glofox as that portal into your business, showing them all the ropes in how to maximize revenue streams and stay on top of member behavior and trends.  

If you’re looking to save time, money, and resources in building your own fitness business franchise, ABC Glofox is the fitness management partner for you.  

Here’s Victoria Thomas, founder of JourneyFit, explaining how ABC Glofox has been with her from Day One.  

Want to know more about how ABC Glofox can help you expand your fitness business?  

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