5 Tips for Increasing Your Yoga Studio’s Booking Revenue

Published on: 
28 October 15
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Running a yoga studio can be an extremely rewarding journey, but just like any business, you’re bound to experience some challenges along the way. The yoga market is becoming more competitive each day and clients are getting used to bouncing from studio to studio. What can you do to ensure your clients stick? It could be time you crafted a strategy that will help your studio stand out from rivals. 



With our tips, you can increase your studio’s booking revenue and carve your path to success!

1. Create a Juicy Intro Offer

It’s always a great idea to have a special promotion for new customers. For example, why not offer unlimited classes for the first 30 days? This may seem like a loss at first, however, the more classes you can get clients to attend in the first 30 days, the more likely they are to get a real feel for your studio as a whole.

When your clients see the full picture as opposed to just a one hour session, they’re more likely to understand the full ranges of services that your studio has to offer them. 

2. Keep Payment Options Simple

It’s no coincidence that the most successful studios have the most simple pricing models. Nobody wants to walk into a studio and see more price plans than types of classes on offer! Keep the packages you offer simple and easy for clients to understand and track their usage.

Having multiple memberships / packages to cater for the demands of a small number of people leads to inefficiencies and is not a good way to run a business. Don’t forget, a good yoga studio software will help you achieve the peace of mind you’ve been striving towards.

3. Always Have an Upsell

While this may seem contradictory to the last point, it’s so important to have an upsell. You should always be looking for the next step to create more value for your clients. Never be afraid to cater for clients who see the value in your offering and are willing to pay more for this value. The challenge for you however, is developing an upsell progression that is simple to understand. 

A simple client upsell progression may look like this:

  • Intro Package
  • 10 Class Pass
  • Monthly Unlimited (Subscription)
  • Annual Unlimited

Private 1-2-1 Classes or Weekend Retreats can also be included in your upsell plan.

4. Get Your Customers to Do the Work

I think you will agree that if your customers enjoy your service, they are likely to tell their friends. Why not get them to bring their friends along to experience your practice? At Glofox, we have a “book a buddy” option in all our Apps so that your customers can book and pay for a friend or family member with ease

To encourage this, why not reward your best customers with some free credits to bring a new person to class?

5. Promote Your Teachers

We’re firm believers in the mantra that a business is only as good as its staff and this is equally true for yoga studios. If you have some great teachers, promote them as much as the type of classes on offer!

People buy from and are attracted to other people. “Vinyasa with Andy” which includes a nice image and bio of ‘Andy’ is much more attractive than “Vinyasa Flow Class” which contains a generic description of the class and studio.