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3 Things Gyms & Studios can Learn from Crossfit

3 Things Gyms & Studios can Learn from Crossfit

Here at Glofox, we’ve witnessed the great success CrossFit has seen over the past few years. During this journey, we have realised the key learnings that gyms can take from the fitness phenomenon taking the world by storm.

Here’s how your gym or studio can make the most of the greatest elements of CrossFit:

1. Community First and Foremost

One element of CrossFit’s success is its ability to build a community with its members. At the gym, it’s not uncommon for members’ interaction with other members to be limited to questions like “is this machine free?” And for some, this is all the interaction they need. However, it comes as no surprise that a growing proportion of gym goers want to experience this sense of community. 

If we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, your members’ gym time could potentially be filled with fun, friends and laughter. A way of shaking off the stress of the day in a more human way rather than blocking out the world with your headphones.

By encouraging the formation of a strong CrossFit-like community at your gym, you’re helping your members to drive their motivation and essentially, to stay committed to their fitness goals, ensuring they keep coming back to your business.

2. Take a Hands on Approach to Members

Another aspect of CrossFit’s success lies in how coaches provide a hands on approach to supporting their members.

CrossFit coaches are not just focused on fitness or achieving fitness goals. Their profession revolves around building trustworthy relationships on a more personal level, something they’ve really nailed down to a tee. From support to education and encouragement, the CrossFit coach has become known as an ever present part of members’ lives.

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The development of these bonds and relationships have been a vital part to its success, because it ensures members don’t bounce from box to box searching for the lowest price. This is something that’s vital when competition is as intense as it is today

3. Think Outside the Box’ 

CrossFit coaches are constantly looking to upskill and bring something new to the table every day. This diversity is exciting for members and keeps them coming back for more.

CrossFit has been successful at taking the holistic approach of mind, body and movement whilst really looking after the person and acknowledging the bigger picture of health, nutrition and happiness.

The more coaches think outside the box and approach related issues such as mobility and movement integrity that affect performance in the gym and out, the more value they provide and ultimately, the more indispensable their service becomes.

And of course, thinking outside the box extends to your CrossFit gym management software. If you really want to drive value for your customers, then book a demo today.

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