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10 Yoga Trends to add to Your Studio in 2023 


Yoga is a fantastic exercise that promotes strength, flexibility, and balance. It also offers profound benefits for mental health and emotional well-being. And, because of its adaptability to modern trends and evolving preferences, it’s more popular than ever.

From the latest trends on Instagram to emerging practices that are reshaping the way we approach this ancient practice, we’ll share valuable insights to keep your yoga business at the forefront of this ever-evolving landscape.

So, as we step into 2023, let’s explore the latest trends that are shaping modern yoga!

Yoga behavioral trends in 2023

There’s been a shift in the world of yoga in recent years. More yoga studios are popping up, new types are being introduced, and there’s a noticeable increase in men joining the mainstream yoga scene! Let’s explore 5 behavioral trends making waves in the yoga industry in 2023. 

New types of yoga

There’s been a huge wave of new types and variations in recent years, and 2023 is no exception. Outdoor yoga, which connects students to nature, is in high demand. Aerial yoga, which uses suspended fabrics, adds an exciting twist to traditional poses. Children’s yoga promotes mindfulness and healthy habits from an early age. These emerging types meet the evolving needs of students, integrating yoga into life beyond the traditional studio.

Online yoga & virtual classes

The demand for online and virtual yoga classes continues to soar. These classes eliminate the need for travel and allow students to practice from any location with an internet connection. The convenience is especially appealing to those with busy schedules or limited access to local studios. Online platforms also provide a diverse range of class options and instructors, allowing students to explore different yoga styles at their own pace.

More men practicing yoga

There has been a significant increase in the number of men practicing yoga. This marks a shift in the perception of yoga as a predominantly women’s activity. The shift can be attributed to the growing recognition of yoga’s physical and mental benefits, regardless of gender! To accommodate this trend, yoga studios should foster a welcoming environment and ensure their branding and marketing efforts are inclusive of male students. 

Local workshops & retreats

Yoga workshops and immersive retreat experiences are in high demand. From Instagram-worthy inversion workshops, to deep dives into pranayama, these sessions offer focused learning and personal growth. Interest in local single-day retreats at local destinations has also increased. These retreats meet the need for respite from busy modern life without the international travel and price tag. 

Yoga for mental fitness

Yoga’s role in promoting mental fitness is on the rise. This increase can be linked to growing recognition of the mind-body connection and the need for holistic wellness. In an era marked by heightened stress and mental health concerns, more people are seeking practices that offer relief and cultivate inner balance. Yoga, with its focus on breathwork, mindfulness, and movement, provides a powerful tool to enhance mental fitness.

The top 10 yoga trends in 2023

Incorporating new class types at your studio will help draw new clients and keep up with the times. Let’s explore the 10 most popular class types for 2023!

Outdoor yoga

Yoga goes beyond the walls of dimly lit studios. Outdoor yoga classes have gained huge popularity in 2023, attracting both existing and new students. Whether held in parks, forests, or by the beach, these classes bring together the practice of yoga and nature-based mindfulness. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, yoga poses connect students to their surroundings. Imagine the strength and serenity of practicing tree pose beneath an actual tree!

Hot yoga

Invigorating and sweat-inducing, hot yoga remains a popular choice. The combination of heat with dynamic poses offers a challenging workout that enhances flexibility, detoxification, and cardiovascular endurance. Incorporating hot yoga into your class schedule can attract students seeking an intense and transformative experience. First, you’ll need to make sure your studio can accommodate a heating system and that your teachers know how to lead these classes safely.

Yin yoga

In today’s busy world, yin yoga provides a calming and introspective practice. Its slow-paced style focuses on passive poses held for several minutes at a time in order to target the body’s deep connective tissues. Yin often incorporates supportive aids such as blocks, bolsters, and blankets as well as guided meditations to promote deep relaxation and mindfulness. Incorporating yin classes will appeal to students seeking a restorative and restful experience.


If you’re not afraid of the cold, why not offer snow yoga? Popular at ski resorts around the world, this practice style involves—you guessed it—practicing yoga outdoors in the snow! The crisp air and beautiful surroundings provide a refreshing experience that invigorates the body and clears the mind. If your local park allows it, offering snow yoga classes can provide a unique and fun experience for adventurous students.

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Yoga retreats

Single-day or weekend yoga retreats can be a valuable addition to your studio. Beyond offering students an opportunity to deepen their practice, these retreats can foster brand loyalty and generate more income, particularly during quieter periods. They also enable students to forge deeper connections with themselves, others, and the larger yoga community. Students will appreciate the unique and transformative experience long after the retreat ends.

Paddleboard yoga

Bringing together yoga and fun on the water, paddleboard yoga is a superior practice for balance and core strength. Practiced on a literal paddleboard floating on water, this unique style of yoga requires a high degree of focus and mindfulness. It also incorporates a little adventure and fun if you happen to fall in! Introducing paddleboard classes can attract fitness enthusiasts who want a dynamic and off-beat yoga experience.

Aerial yoga

With its playful and acrobatic elements, aerial yoga appeals to those seeking a fun and unique practice. Also known as anti-gravity yoga, this practice uses suspended hammocks or silks that allow students explore movements in the air, building strength and enhancing flexibility by accessing muscle groups not typically used in a regular practice. Aerial yoga offers a fun, uplifting, and effective experience that promotes both physical and creative expression.


Combing yoga, acrobatics, and trust-building exercises, acroyoga is perfect for building community and connection! This style typically involves two or more students working together to create balanced and graceful sequences of movements. These classes often attract couples, friends, or groups interested in enhancing physical fitness while deepening interpersonal and communication skills. Participants will leave class enjoying a shared sense of playfulness, creativity, and accomplishment. 

Dog yoga AKA doga

Combining yoga and the joy of being with furry companions, dog yoga offers a lighthearted and delightful experience. Practiced with dogs present, this playful and interactive form of yoga allows students to connect with their pets while reducing stress and anxiety. Incorporating dog yoga classes can attract pet lovers seeking a joyful practice that combines their love for yoga and their furry friends. 

Children’s yoga

Yoga isn’t only for adults! Children’s yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years. Offering dedicated yoga classes for kids can attract parents seeking holistic activities for their children. The classes promote flexibility, strength, body awareness, and mindfulness in a playful and engaging way. Plus, these classes help children develop focus, self-regulation, and emotional well-being, making them a valuable addition to any studio that caters to families. 

So, what’s next? 

Now that you’re up on the latest trends in yoga, it’s time to price your classes and grow your business!

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