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This Week in Fitness: 13th-20th December

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The latest news in all things fitness. We know that technology is already transforming the fitness industry, but it’s set to shake things up even more in 2020. This week, fitness wearables are battling it out for the number one spot on everyone’s Christmas wishlist.

Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2020

ACSM’s annual survey of worldwide fitness trends is now in its 14th year. New to this year’s survey was the inclusion of potential new trends such as mind-body movement (e.g., tai chi) and lifestyle medicine. Other trends were more specifically defined in the 2020 survey. 
Via ACSM. Read full report here.

Why Your 2020 New Year’s Health or Fitness Resolution Might Be Proven Outdated by 2030

“Getting healthier” isn’t a fixed concept. If health advice is anything, it’s fickle. While some concepts stand the test of time—eat fruits and vegetables, get plenty of sleep, exercise when you can—other trends are over practically as soon as they begin. (Remember appetite-suppressant lollipops and Shake Weights?) As a result, resolutioners of 2010 likely had different goals than will resolutioners of 2020. Here’s a look back at prominent health advice from 2010—and how it stands up going into 2020.
Via Time. Read full article here.

It’s ‘Bring Your Watch to Work(Out) Day’ as Orangetheory Fitness Pairs up With Apple Watch

Orangetheory Fitness sees about 43% of their members doing the same thing and tracking their workouts on their Apple Watches during class. So instead of fighting Cupertino, they’re embracing the wave and making it even easier for members to workout using the tech that they already have. In yesterday’s announcement, Orangetheory unveiled the OTbeat Link, a custom-designed device that’s worn on your Apple Watch.
Via Forbes. Read full article here.

Which Brand Will Win the Holiday Wearable Battle?

After Peloton’s advertising fiasco, other fitness technology brands will likely step it up this season and market themselves as the “It” holiday gift. And because wearables cost so much less than a Peloton bike — even for the top-of-the-line Apple Watch — chances are they’ll see a surge in seasonal sales.
Via Skift. Read full article here.

What Happens When a Fitness Chain Opens a Restaurant?

As you probably guessed, the Equinox Hotel is owned by the Equinox gym people, although they want you to think of them as more than that. These days they are also “fitness-tourism” people, with whom you can book a mountain-climbing trek, a surfing expedition or, if that sounds a little too close to nature, a stay inside a 1,000-foot Manhattan tower at the first of what Equinox promises will one day be a constellation of 75 hotels around the world.
Via The New York Times. Read full article here.

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