The Top 5 Fitness Influencers for Fitness Business Inspiration

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10 January 19
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We break down the main fitness influencers you should be following online to help you succeed with your fitness business.

The internet can be an endless resource of essential and relevant information that can help you become as successful as you can with your fitness business. And some of the best sources of information come from those who have been through it all and emerged the other side as fitness professionals at the top of their game.

The emergence of social media as one of the most dominant forms of media of our time has given rise to the fitness influencer. Through a combination of platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook they have built mini-empires inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness and wellness. They range from bona fide fitness business owners such as Fit Body Bootcamp mogul Bedros Keullian to social media superstars such as Kayla Itsines.

They each bring their unique qualities to the table whether it be social media savvy, influencer marketing, business management, strategy or just some straight up good old fashioned motivation! The way they have achieved success also differs from person to person. Some have built up their careers from scratch online while others have transferred their success from the real world into the digital one.

The main thing they have in common is pure marketing chops, harnessing the power of social media to reach and build their audience. And the good news is you can take the techniques that these fitness influencers use and apply them to your promotion strategies.

The reality is though that there are thousands of fitness influencers dominating the online space specializing in everything from HIIT to Pilates right through to Crossfit. So to make things simple we have picked the five that we believe you will give you the most value as a fitness business owner.

1. Bedros Keuillian

Bedros Keuillian

Known for: Being the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

Find him on: @bedroskeuilian

Fit Body Boot Camp founder Bedros is a fitness entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business guru who has come through seemingly unscalable adversity to get to the top of the fitness game. A classic rag to riches story, he initially arrived in America as an immigrant with very little English, and dumpster dived at times to source food for his family. Through perseverance and hard work he found his success in the fitness industry and founded Fit Body Boot Camp in 2009. In 2011, he decided to franchise the business out and currently he has about 500 locations in the US and Canada.

Bedros has taken the skills he acquired starting up Fit Body Boot Camp to get involved in different types of businesses and now presents himself an all-around superstar entrepreneur. The idea of being an entrepreneur has never been more popular with the likes of Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuck gaining mainstream popularity similar to film stars and athletes, and Bedros embodies that same spirit. He regularly delivers bite-sized chunks of entrepreneurial and motivational gold to his 102k followers on his Instagram page. On top of that, he hosts a weekly podcast (who doesn’t) entitled The Empire Show where he picks the brain of the most inspiring people from the worlds of fitness and business.

All in all, Bedros provides a brilliant combination of fitness business advice and general entrepreneurial motivation that can inspire you in developing your own fitness business.

2. Shona Vertue

Shona Vertue

Known for: Developing the Vertue Method

Find her on: @shona_vertue

Shona Vertue is an Australian fitness expert who has over a decade of experience as a yoga teacher and personal trainer. She runs a studio in Oxford Circus in London (which has a 10-week waiting list) and counts celebrities like David Beckham amongst her clients.

However, it is online where Shona has made her name. Her online courses are based on her original fitness programme, The Vertue Method, which an all over body programme that Shona bases on three main pillars: strength training, yoga, and healthy food and meditation. This 12-week fitness programme has proven extremely popular and allows her to showcase The Verture Method to a global audience.

Her Instagram account is where she has built up her fitness empire. Here she posts mini tutorials of different Vertue Method exercises, general nutritional and wellness advice and body positivity messaging to help her audience live a healthy lifestyle. She also shares insights into her personal life and mixes in promotions for her range of apparel. Her style is easy going and fun – she uses the #vertuecrew to help build a sense community amongst her 328k followers.

What you can really learn from Shona’s brand of influencer marketing, especially if you are a yoga studio owner, is that you should put yourself at the center of your brand. Don’t be afraid to mix in some personal insights among all the tutorials and nutritional advice as this will make it easier to build a relationship with your audience. Also, consider developing a hashtag akin to #vertuecrew to help build a community of fanatics for your fitness business.

3. Jamie Alderton

Jamie Alderton

Known for: Founder and owner of Grenade Fit gym and Train With Jay online training

Find him on @grenadejay

A former member of the British Army turned pro-bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur, Jamie Alderton is someone who provides some great all round info and advice for any budding fitness entrepreneur. He runs a gym called Grenade Fit which is based in the UK and also operates an online course called Train With Jay.

What is particularly useful about Jamie is his YouTube page which houses content that not is only focused on his typical audience, but also shows his life as a fitness entrepreneur. Of particular interest is a video series which documents the setting up of Grenade Fit. You can watch the first episode here.

His Youtube channel is a goldmine in general if you are looking for inspiration on what type of video content you should be producing. One very cool and useful online course Jamie has created is on how to make compelling video content for social media, which is something all fitness entrepreneurs will need to master as video begins to take over.

And for more tips and tricks on using video for your fitness business, take a read of our excellent guide here.

4. Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin

Known For: Fitplan Trainer and Fitness Model

Find her on: @michelle_lewin

Fitness model, bodybuilder, and an online personal trainer, Michelle was recently listed on Forbes Top 10 Fitness Influencers, Michelle has come along way from her life as a receptionist in her native Venezuela. Now based in South Florida, she is one of the brightest stars in the fitness world.

Another who has expert influencer marketing skills, she has amassed over 13 million followers on Instagram and shares shots from her various modeling shoots, short fitness tutorials, insights into her personal life and promotions for her brand partnerships.

On top of this, she is one of the leading personal trainers for the highly successful Fitplan app and contributors to its sister app Mealplan. Sharing comprehensive workout programs and nutritional plans online is an excellent way of building out your audience and giving them information of real value.

Tip: While you can post this type of content through your social media, with the Glofox Member App, you can post these tutorials in the News section. Promote this as an exclusive part of the membership of your gym, only available to those your download your branded app.

5. Kayla Itsines;

Kayla Itsines

Known for: The Bikini Body Guide and co-founder of the Sweat with Kayla App

Find her on: @kayla_itsines.

Like Shona Vertue, Kayla is another big name to come out of the Australian fitness scene. She is the co-creator of Bikini Body Guides which is a super successful 28-minute workout designed to help women achieve their ideal bodies. She maps their fitness journey through a series of highly engaging, visual ebooks. According to her, the goal isn’t necessarily weight loss or muscle gain but the creation of an ultra-slim and lean physique.

Named as one of the “25 most influential people on the Internet” by Time Magazine in 2018, Kayla has over 10 million followers on Instagram where she posts regular “before and after” shots of the people who have used the Bikini Body Guide and, more recently, her own branded Sweat workout app. Besides her Instagram account, she also has a significant presence on Facebook (25 million followers) and posts regular tutorials and customer transformation style content.

And it is this type of “before and after” content that you should make a big part of your marketing efforts. It puts the customer at the center of what you do. It’s also the best advertisement for your fitness business as you are showing real people getting real results.

So what we have gone through here are the top fitness influencers we feel will are most relevant to you as a fitness business owner. There are many more fitness influencers out such as Rachel Brathen, Emily Skye, Joe Wicks and many more making their mark in the fitness game and setting great examples you can follow.

And the next step is very simple…

Start learning!

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