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07 February 20
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Naturally, selling memberships is a huge part of running a successful gym. There’s no getting around it. Selling is at the core of your business. In order to succeed in sales, you need to constantly be working on your sales processes and behaviors. Whether you first meet a potential member in person or on the phone, a sales script can be a powerful tool in the selling process. 

The key to success in any selling-focused industry is a thick skin, a plan to follow up, excellent training and a well-equipped team. Occasionally, you might find a prospect who knows exactly what they want. But, the majority of the time selling gym memberships is a process. That’s where a sales script comes in. A sales script can be either your best friend or worst enemy. Used well, it’s a guide to navigate a conversation and eventually close a deal. In this article, find out why you should use a sales script and how to create the perfect one for your gym.  

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What is a Sales Script? 

While some salespeople believe that a sales script can make them sound too salesy or pushy, a sales script can significantly improve your results. But, why not just say what comes to your mind and that way the conversation will feel more natural? After all, most people don’t want to feel like a telemarketer. However, by preparing yourself with the best questions to ask, you can give yourself the best chance of sales success. 

A sales script is a set of talking points used when speaking to prospects and potential members. It usually includes answers to common questions and queries. Sales scripts allow you to maintain consistency in your messaging and allows everyone on your team to follow the same promises and protocols. 

Your gym sales script can be a powerful sales training tool, helping new salespeople to be more confident and effective. With a more organized approach to your sales process, you can feel more persuasive during conversations with potential members. That’s not to say you only follow a sales script. The script forms the basis of your conversation. 

Don’t forget to still remain focused on the member experience and personalization of the process with each member. It’s important to create unique gym member experiences starting from the first call. During most conversations, there will likely be common questions and answers but don’t just read off the script or talk at your prospect. Find and develop ways to connect early on with open-ended questions and through listening.   

The Masters in Fitness Business Podcast has a great episode on gym membership sales. Episode #62 Why is Selling Memberships So Hard with Erik Charles Russell shares a five-step process that anyone can use to increase their closing rate. 

Why Should You Use a Sales Script? 

The likelihood is that you will talk with your prospect on the phone at one point or another. Although gyms deliver a fair amount of foot traffic, it often takes six to eight touchpoints to close a sale. Whether you’re talking to leads in person, through email, or cold calling, you need to be prepared. According to Salesforce, 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone, with 85% of customers being dissatisfied with the phone call experience. 

First Impression  

You and your business have seven seconds to make an impression. Some research suggests that it takes a tenth of a second to determine things like trustworthiness. That’s not a lot of time to make a good first impression. With a sales script, you can see an immediate improvement in your first impression of how you sound, especially with cold calling. Usually, you only have a few minutes to work with so every second counts.  

Decrease Stress 

When cold calling and meeting with potential members, a sales script can help decrease stress. It can feel stressful to approach a conversation without enough preparation and training. Sales scripts can help you feel more confident, allowing your team to be more effective and ready to sell your services.  

Build Rapport 

If you’re making a better impression, prospects are likely to trust you more quickly. This allows you to build a rapport with members more efficiently. The more polished and prepared you are, the better you come across. Rapport is crucial during the sales process and makes the prospect much more responsive. All of this is essential for the sales cycle and closing the sale.  

9 Steps to Create the Perfect Gym Sales Script 

When creating the best sales script for your gym, there are a few essential elements you need to think about. Of course, every business is different and even the most sales-focused health clubs can benefit from a sales script. Let’s take a look at the steps to create the perfect script for you and your team.  

1. Identify Your Gym’s Niche or Offer 

Start by identifying the product or service you want to sell. It’s common to have multiple sales scripts for different services. Whether you’re selling gym memberships, fitness retail, or personal training services, identifying your gym’s service or niche is the first step in developing a sales script. 

Your cold call script is a step-by-step guide that directs your sales reps. It’s a key piece of content that helps you to stay organized and drive a smooth and mistake-free conversation. As well as phone-based conversations, a sales script is also useful for voicemails or cold emails to a prospect. Remember to keep your script short and sweet. Choose words that are impactful. The sales script template should follow a clear outline that allows sales reps to personalize the flow of the conversation as needed.  

2. Have a Clear Objective 

When designing a sales script, keep in mind your objective. It’s much easier to plan the journey when you know the destination. Although creating a sales script may sound like a time-consuming task, it’s worth the effort when you see the difference it can make in your sales phone call. 

Think about what you’re trying to do and what your overall aim is. If you recently set up a boutique fitness studio in a new area, you might want to cold call multiple people in order to introduce prospects to your business. You could be looking to set up a facility tour or just learn more about your prospects’ goals and aspirations.   

3. Define Your Target Audience 

Research, define, and really start to hone in on your target audience. As with most sales and marketing efforts, it’s much more effective to target different audiences, rather than push the same sales script to every type of prospect. Avoid creating a sales script targeted at all prospects. Think about the different kinds of potential members you will be speaking to, consider their wants and needs. 

Once you define your target audience, it’s much easier to adapt questions effectively that points to a specific persona. Of course, there may be some crossover with audience personas. As a gym, you target a range of people, you may want to reach out to a senior audience, goal-orientated members, and regular gym-goers. All these types of people have varying needs, so need to be approached slightly differently. 

4. Raise Curiosity and Establish Context 

A general cold call template starts out by raising curiosity. You should be answering questions like your company name, who you are and why they should care. After raising interest in the first few lines, you then need to establish context. 

Try to avoid talking about yourself or your business too much, this is one of the things that can make you sound like a salesperson. Instead, focus on the value of your offer. For example, when selling gym memberships, don’t focus on your equipment or facility. Instead, talk about health benefits, losing weight, decreasing stress, and feeling better. 

5. Ask Questions 

The only way you can find out the needs of your prospect is by asking questions. Your sales script acts as a guide for your sales manager and team. By having a plan in place to ask the right questions, it allows you to engage fully in a conversation. Your sales script is something that can evolve with your business. If you find that there are elements that need to change, that’s normal.

You want to ask good probing questions that allow you to find out more information. The aim is to sound friendly without being too pushy. Here are some examples of good questions to ask:

  • How important is it for you to be healthier?
  • How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror?
  • Is it important for you to lose weight?

6. Don’t Sound Like a Salesperson 

No one wants to be talked at down the phone with someone pushing hard on a sale. The whole point of a sales script is to help you impress, engage and build rapport with a prospect. It’s not unusual for prospects to be getting calls from multiple companies selling in any one day. Because of this, sometimes people might be a little guarded to begin with, especially if they think a business is just trying to sell them a service or product. 

The idea is to create a script that piques interest without sounding like a salesperson. Things, like listening and personalizing the conversation, allow prospects to connect with you on a deeper level, driving the sales process along. 

7. Be Ready With Common Pain Points 

A pain point is a specific problem that a potential member will have when deciding whether to commit to a membership. Pain points, like your members, can be diverse and varied. No doubt, you have probably spent time or spoken to a prospect who didn’t sign up for a membership. 

When signing up for a gym membership, common pain points and sales challenges may be price, time available, location, type of classes, or current fitness level. While things like location are irremovable, concerns such as fitness level or type of classes available can be changed and adapted. Practice how to answer common concerns and be ready with a response that puts value on your offer.  

8. Remember to Listen 

If you’re doing all the talking, you’re not doing much listening. Your sales script should give you enough time to ask your prospect questions and pause to listen to the response. If you’re not sure, then record yourself going through the script with a staff member. If it sounds like you’re speaking for more than half of the time, generally it will be harder for your prospect to share comments and be heard.  

9. Close the Conversation 

A sales professional should have a close in mind during every conversation. That doesn’t mean signing up for a membership after every call. It could be asking for five more minutes of time, setting up a tour of the facilities next week, or arranging a callback. Whether you’re sending a prospect an email, leaving or voicemail, or calling, there should be a clear call to action with every engagement. 

In Summary 

Although some businesses tend to shy away from using a sales script, it can be a great sales tool to prepare and practice your gym membership sales pitch. Use your script wisely and update it regularly so that it always remains relevant. Your sales script should navigate your sales process but not control it completely. Remember to listen to your prospect and personalize each conversation and experience.   

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