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Pilates Studio Equipment Must-Haves for Gym Business Owners

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As you know, pilates is a popular fitness method known for its emphasis on core strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning. If you’re a gym business owner looking to cater to a diverse clientele, then, a well-equipped Pilates studio can be a valuable addition. In this blog post, we’ll explore Pilates studio equipment must-haves so that you can set up your boutique studio for success. 

Pilates Reformers

Firstly, Pilates reformers are the core (pun intended) of any Pilates studio. These versatile machines give members a full-body workout by incorporating resistance and flexibility training. Some key components of a Pilates reformer include a sliding carriage, adjustable spring resistance, and various attachments like straps and bars. Investing in quality reformers is crucial for ensuring durability and client safety.

Cadillac or Trapeze Table

A Cadillac or trapeze table is another must-have piece of equipment. It consists of a raised, padded surface with a frame overhead, complete with bars, straps, and push-through bars. Cadillac or trapeze tables allows for a wide range of exercises, including spinal decompression, stretching, and strength-building movements. It’s especially valuable for rehabilitation and advanced Pilates workouts.

Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair is a compact but highly effective piece of equipment that targets the core, legs, and upper body. It consists of a padded seat with springs and handles. It’s excellent for balance and stability exercises and can be easily incorporated into your group or one-on-one Pilates sessions.

Pilates Mats

This one is probably pretty obvious, but high-quality Pilates mats are definitely a fundamental for any Pilates studio. These mats provide a comfortable and supportive surface for floor-based exercises and can also be used with various props such as resistance bands and stability balls.


Pilates barrels, including the spine corrector, ladder barrel, and arc barrel, are essential for improving posture, flexibility, and balance. They are also super beneficial for clients with specific postural issues and can help in targeting the muscles along the spine.

Resistance Bands and Straps

Additionally, resistance bands and straps are versatile accessories that can be used in conjunction with Pilates machines or as standalone equipment. They add variety to workouts and can be adjusted to provide different levels of resistance for clients of all fitness levels.

Stability Balls

Stability balls are excellent for core training and balance exercises. They can be used for both Pilates and general fitness routines, making them a versatile addition to your studio.

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Pilates Circles (Magic Circles)

Pilates circles are small, flexible rings that provide resistance for targeted muscle engagement. They are great for enhancing upper body strength and can be easily integrated into mat-based Pilates classes.

Storage Solutions

Lastly, to keep your studio organized and visually appealing, invest in storage solutions like racks, shelves, and cabinets for neatly storing equipment when not in use. This not only maintains a clean and professional appearance but also ensures safety by preventing clutter.

Top places to buy Pilates equipment for your US boutique studio

When setting up your boutique Pilates studio, sourcing high-quality equipment is crucial for providing an exceptional experience to your clients. Here are some top places to find Pilates equipment for your US studio.

Balanced Body

Balanced Body is a reputable name in the Pilates industry. They  offer a wide range of Pilates equipment, including reformers, chairs, barrels, and more. Balanced Body is  known for their commitment to quality and innovation.


Merrithew is the company behind the popular STOTT PILATES brand. They provide a variety of Pilates equipment, education, and resources. Their equipment is known for its durability and versatility.

Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates specializes in designing and manufacturing Pilates equipment. They offer a range of reformers, chairs, and accessories, with a focus on functionality and style.

What’s next? 

Creating a successful Pilates studio requires more than just a dedicated space—it demands the right equipment to offer comprehensive workouts to clients of all fitness levels. By investing in the must-have Pilates studio equipment listed above, you can attract and retain clients while delivering a high end Pilates experience. Remember that quality and safety should be your top priorities when selecting and maintaining your Pilates equipment to ensure the success and reputation of your gym business.

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