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From Gym Enthusaist to Yoga Instructor – Meet Yoga with Emma””

From Gym Enthusaist to Yoga Instructor - Meet Yoga with Emma""

This week, we spoke with Emma O’ Toole, owner of Yoga with Emma, to learn about her inspirational transition from gym enthusiast to yoga professional. 

yoga with emma

So Emma, How Did You Discover Yoga?

A few years ago, I was working out in the gym, using the machines and weights and noticed a group of people with tightly rolled mats under arms walking into one of the studios. This really intrigued me. There were no windows for me to cure my curiosity. Anyway, I continued with my work out and after an hour and half, the group from the studio left with gleaming smiles.

After my cooling down exercises, I ran to the notice board to see what information I could find on the studio class. Ashtanga Yoga. I had never heard of it. I did a bit of research, but still none the wiser. I figured it would be best just to give it a try. I asked if a complete beginner could take part. The teacher gave me a mat. I felt this overwhelming acceptance and everyone was equal.

My first class was really tough!! The parts of my body I was working on in the gym were strong but my flexibility was zero!

The class flowed and got to svasana, relaxation. I didn’t quite understand this bit. I was so tired after the yoga class, I fell asleep. After what felt like a night’s sleep, I was awoken, fresh and ready to finish my day with gusto!

I was hooked after paying for a 4 week course. I wasn’t competing with anyone, only myself. Yoga taught me to accept myself right now. What happened before class or in the last class are no longer relevant to the practice I was about to commence. I found acceptance in my flaws and discovered wonderful strengths. Yoga really does go much deeper into the mind and physical body to be “just a workout”.

What’s Your Favourite Yoga Pose?

My favourite pose is Tripod Headstand. This once was my most feared pose in my practice. (It’s the one on the Blog Image!)

I gave it space and worked on other areas of my body (shoulders and core) and then without thinking too much about it and put to fear to one side, it happened and it has happened every time since then.

That is why it is my most favourite pose. It’s nice to see the world at a different perspective too.

Why Did You Want to Become a Yoga Instructor?

Back in the early 2000’s, the recession was harsh and cruel for everyone. No one was immune from redundancy.

I was working in the Technology Sector for 11 years but cuts had to be made to keep the company afloat. I luckily survived redundancy, but felt something like this would come around again. I was practising yoga as a hobby. With family guidance, they planted the idea to turn a hobby into a career. And I did just that.

What Have You Found Hardest About the Experience to Date?

Finding the time to get everything done! I do manage to get things checked off the “To Do” list but it’s the art of prioritising and getting things done.

What Has Been the Most Rewarding Experience?

The most rewarding experience was a lady whom had severe neck and shoulder issues and in a lot of pain. After a Somatic Movement class, she said it was the first time in years she has not felt pain in her neck and shoulders.

Why Did You Choose Glofox as Your Yoga Software Provider?

I have worked in various yoga studios’ using different yoga booking systems. From the traditional diary and pen check in and booking, to manual but computerized system, then using very sophisticated online booking, check-in and cash-flow system. As I have a software technology background, I needed something that I could engage with my clients, make it easy for my students to book and pay for classes and for me to manage attendance levels. I needed a simple system without unnecessary flowery bells and whistles. Glofox yoga studio software fits with my business. It’s as simple as that.

What’s Your Favourite Glofox Feature?

I love the custom mobile app they created for my business. It’s great to know that my app is sitting on clients’ phones in their pockets. Glofox really helps you to have your finger on the pulse of modern living. They understand how my clients want to connect and find out about classes. No searching, just click on the app, book and you’re done.

What Do You Love About the Glofox Admin Dashboard?

When I log in to the admin section, the dashboard is bright and inviting. It’s very easy to see who your latest sign ups are and members who are booked into today’s classes. It also helps me to manage full classes and confirm attendances. This is another feature that I love!

How Have You Found the After Sales Service?

Excellent! When I have a question, I contact support with all the details so they have an understanding of what I would expect from the software. Glofox offer a caring customer service experience that I cannot fault. 

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