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Glofox empowers you to go beyond just managing your studio to building a loyal yoga community
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Breathe in. We make managing your studio easy.

You worked hard to perfect your poses, build a brand, and get your studio up and running. We work hard to make your job easy. Our yoga studio management software gives you an all-in-one place to manage membership and bundles, book classes and workshops, take payments, and make all admin tasks easy.

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Be more mindful of your time and your bottom line.

Glofox gets you back in your studio instead of staring at your computer. Schedule a free demo today to find out how you can get that painful admin time back in your control, increase revenue by 33%, and member retention by 25%.

members participate in class in a modern yoga studio

Our software makes your studio more efficient

Dashboard and Glofox Pro

Run your business on desktop and on the go with our easy-to-use management Dashboard and mobile app. Take your business anywhere you are.


Easy member billing management through recurring card payments and direct debit integrated into the Glofox dashboard.

Web and Social Integration

Integrate Glofox with your website and social channels so new customers and members can seamlessly view, book and pay for your services online.

Member App

Your members have your club right in their pocket. Your branded app gives your members the power to book classes on their own time, and gives your club the tech savvy edge.


Get insights that will have you making the best business decisions, faster. Whether it is highlighting if a promotion was successful, or which teacher boosts clients engagement, you'll have the info you need at your fingertips.

Self-Service Check-In

Self-service check-in means your members can get to their class faster, and you and your staff have more time in the studio instead of manning the front desk. Glofox supports multiple check-in options, so you have flexibility to customize for your studio's needs.

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The team at work again
The team at work again
The team at work again
The team at work again
The team at work again
What Our Customers Say

"By far one of the best investments for my studio! Glofox is a wonderful system that has helped me to run my studio in an easy, organised fashion. I was hesitant at the start to change my ways; but a year in, it only gets better. There’s also a great help service which have been available to answer all sorts of questions from me, at all sorts of hours! I'm not the best on computers, so this, in itself was super helpful. Overall, the return of saving both time and energy is priceless."

Jo-Ann Nolan, Hot Yoga Dublin
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"Happy I made the switch to Glofox. I like the visual appeal and layout of the software and how easy it makes it for people to book in online. It's also makes it easy for me to allow clients to buy online courses and workshops as well as classes. I now feel like I have software that matches my ambitions for my business. I really believe in Glofox and can see them going from strength to strength in the future."

Stephen Rockett, My Yoga Waterford
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