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5 Reasons Why Members Love Your Gym Management Software App

5 Reasons Why Members Love Your Gym Management Software App

At Glofox, we know that a Mobile App (integrated with your gym management software) is a great tool to drive revenue and improve retention rates for your fitness business. However, we thought it would be interesting to talk to some members and find out the real reason why they love our clients’ Mobile Apps so much. The results are really interesting and will give you a great insight into the mind of your customer!

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1. “It Helps Me Plan My Day Around My Exercise Regime”

This was a very popular response from members, especially among women. Members love the fact that they can book into a class later that day or week, with their spot guaranteed. Also, because they have already paid for the class, they said they were less likely to skip it, ultimately helping them to stick to their fitness regime in the long run. 

2. “IT Makes Paying so Easy”

Members found it very easy to load a debit / credit card to their account in the App and use it to purchase memberships, classes, appointments and even products. Members also love the fact that the App stores their card details, so they don’t have to enter it every time they make a new purchase.

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3. “The Timetable Is Always up to Date”

Members love the fact that the timetable is always up to date in the App and that it is so easy to check out what time classes are on and what classes may be canceled. Members also commented on how great it was not having to carry a timetable around with them anymore and in particular, no longer having to go to the gym or studio’s website to find the details they’re looking for.

4. “It’s so Easy to Book”

Unlike web booking forms which can be frustrating and time consuming, members love how they can book a class through the Glofox gym management software App in a couple of taps, without having to log in each time. Members used words such as “convenient”, “easy to use” and “flexible” to describe their booking experience.

5. “I Feel Connected with What’s Happening at My Gym” 

This was an extremely popular answer among members who attend gyms and studios that utilize the Glofox Push Notification feature to good effect. Members like to know the latest news and happenings of their gym in a particular week. Members also praised the inspirational push notification messages they receive, as it keeps their motivation high! 

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