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How to start a spin studio in 2021

how to start a spin studio

Did you know that at least 42% of the world’s households have access to a bicycle? 

Many people depend on cycling as a form of transport, mindfulness, and, most importantly, exercise. Unfortunately, cycling cannot always be conducted outdoors due to external factors like traffic and the weather. Yet due to the total body and endurance benefits cycling holds, many people have taken to indoor cycling, known as spinning.

Spinning studios are fantastic for the fitness industry, as they’re known to help increase the revenue of gyms by 55% as opposed to gyms without such studios. If you’re a health club owner or fitness entrepreneur, this is an avenue you should definitely explore to add to your profits.

In this article, we will look at what exactly spinning is, why spin studios have become so popular and the steps you need to take to develop a spin studio. 

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What is spinning? 

Spinning is a form of indoor cycling which is predominantly a cardio based workout. Participants of cycling classes sit on stationary cycles and pedal to loud music in front of an instructor to different beats, intervals, and speeds. 

Usually, the bike’s handlebars have a particular shape and pedal clips to attach their feet onto the pedals. All participants in an indoor cycling studio set goals before the class according to their heart rate and calories. 

Why are spin studios becoming so popular globally? 

Spinning is not a new exercise; it first officially came into existence during the 1980s as another technique to increase endurance. Today it’s so popular that Les Mills, a popular fitness company, found in 2019 that 20% of the global fitness market were doing or considering spin classes. Again, since 2019 it’s surged in popularity even more due to the many physical and mental benefits they provide. Spinning is gaining a reputation due to the following: 

  • Anyone can do it: Spinning is an exercise class that isn’t specifically reserved for just athletes; it can suit anyone of all fitness backgrounds. Because of this, many people take part in these classes as they can cycle according to their ability and fitness goals.
  • Low impact exercise: As the bike is stationary, it’s a very low impact exercise. This makes it an appealing exercise for people recovering from injuries, those at high risk of them, people who suffer from joint conditions like arthritis, and more.   
  • Lots of calories burned: An average spin class only lasts for around 40 minutes. While the class is short, it can burn a lot of anything in the range of 400-800 calories in a session. This allows people to burn calories quickly and only spare a short amount of time out of their daily schedules.
  • Supportive community: There can be anything up to 40 bicycles being used in a session in a spin class. When members are cycling in unison, they’re more likely to feel supported and want to do better, allowing them to maximize the most out of their sessions. Because of this, many people come back for repeat classes and leave gyms retaining their members.
  • Music: Spin classes play a variety of music from dance to rock, which keeps students motivated and adds to the spinning atmosphere.

Top Spin Studios around the world 

Spin studios are so popular that some iconic studios have set up their own franchises, allowing people to experience a variety of unique spin classes. Without a doubt, some of these studios have contributed to the growth of the spin industry. Here are four of the topspin studios that are taking the spin world by storm.


SoulCycle was first founded in 2006 and had over 99 studios across the United States, Canada, and the U.K. just before Covid-19 hit. Their spin classes focus on endurance, strength training, resistance training, HIIT, and lightweight training. SoulCycle targets the whole body, and they sometimes involve light hand weights. These classes have been incredibly popular with famous figures like Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Jay-z, and the Beckhams. 


Peloton is a renowned spin company that offers live virtual classes on their own spin bikes or in Manhattan, London, and Hudson Yards studios. The company offers various classes that suit different fitness backgrounds, from beginner, introductory, athlete, high intensity, and more. Peloton has been popular amongst many influential figures like Miley Cyrus, Usain Bolt, Scout Bassett, etc.


Firstlight Cycle is situated in London, and they combine more than just spinning into their classes. They also implement wellness, mindfulness, and meditation into each ride. First might do this by using sunlight stimulation to help target the senses during the spin class.

1Rebel U.K.

Located in East London, 1Rebel U.K. offers 45 minute high-intensity spin classes. However, they also have studios located in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Australia. Their spin classes are hosted in the dark with an epic light show designed to make you feel like you’re working out in a club. 

How to start a spin studio 

Adding a spin studio to your services or starting one from scratch can be a lucrative opportunity for your business. To help you set one up, let’s explore the essential steps:

1. Start running local spin classes

Before your spin studio opens, you should run spin classes in your neighborhood at other gyms. Doing this will allow people to get a feel of what your services are all about. In addition to this, it will help you start to raise brand awareness without having to invest in a lot of equipment. Slowly hosting classes will allow people to know who you are, which will spark interest in your studio.

2. Develop your skills

If you’ve not hosted spin classes before, you must build a foundation before opening your studio. After all, the spin industry is competitive, and you need to know what to look for. Only once you develop your skill can you hire suitable instructors to fit in with your studio’s values. 

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3. Find the right location

For your spin studio to be successful, it has to be in the right location. In particular, you will want to be situated in an area many people can access via public transport or their vehicles.  In addition to this, you might want to have a studio with a good parking area so people can leave their vehicles there. 

Moreover, you want your studio to be visible so people passing by on foot could be interested in joining your spin studio. While thinking about your location, it’s also a good idea to think about your demographic. For example, if you want to target workers, you might want a spin studio in a business park. 

3. Layout 

Having a good design and layout is essential for any good spin studio. First of all, you have to make sure the room is positioned right so all participants can see the instructor clearly without anything obstructing their eyesight. To have a good idea of how large your studio should be, you should aim to have one bike for each 1.5m2 of studio space.

For example, if you have a studio with 100m2 worth of space, that will fit around 66 bikes. Also, note that you should keep the instructor’s bike on a small stage so people can see the instructor at all times. On average, the stage should be around 15-20cm high and enough to fit 2-3 bikes with multiple instructors if required. You should also consider enough room for the bikes and participants to implement social distancing when factoring in the layout.

4. Bikes

Plus, you don’t want a potential member or instructor to get injured. Moreover, the quality of the bike you use could dramatically impact the experience of your members. If it’s not good enough, it might persuade them to try spin classes elsewhere. It’s not unusual in some gyms for members to cancel their memberships due to bad quality equipment.

On average, if maintained well, a high-quality spin bike will last around 5 years. When buying these bikes, you should aim to get ones with ANT and sensors. These wireless network protocols can help people track their performance and compete against others in the class (if they wish). The competition aspect alone can enrich the membership experience.

5. Equip your spin studio

How much equipment you choose to get for your spin studio depends on your class size. Regardless of the size, you will want to invest in good quality equipment, so it lasts and does not need replacing frequently. 

Alongside bikes, you should aim to invest in sweat towels, cleaning products, fans, water tanks, and a lot more to make sure members can feel like they have access to them when they need them.

6. Decoration, lighting, and blinds

To host epic spin classes, it’s all about that atmosphere. This means you must have edgy decoration and lighting that works together to provide the ultimate spin studio experience. You may wish to add carpets, colored walls, wall graphics, patterns, shapes, and more to provide a sense of energy and movement. 

If you plan to host a spin studio in a dark room, you will need great lighting to create an environment full of energy that makes people want to spin. Moreover, stage lighting is equally as important so that people can see the instructor. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to decorate your spin studio, try looking at a few others to gain inspiration.

7. Sound system

An amazing spin experience is dependent on a good sound system full of loud and good quality music. You should aim to install a sound system that provides nightclub quality music, so members can feel totally immersed and hear the instructor. Remember also to position the speakers in the room correctly so the acoustics balance out well. 

8. Ventilation 

On average fitness studio should have a temperature between 18-20°C. Moreover, the humidity level should range between 40-60%. To help achieve this, get air conditioning installed in the studio to regulate temperatures in a packed class.

In summary

Overall, when opening a spin studio, you have to address several avenues. First, you have to make sure you have the right location and experience to make your studio look credible. Second, you must have a good layout and enough room to fit spin bikes and people while abiding by social distancing measures. 

Finally, you should invest in all the right equipment like bikes, lighting, decoration, sound, and proper ventilation for the top spin experience. If you do this right, more people will want to participate in group spin classes of yours. 

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