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Everything you need to know about fitness streaming


Due to Covid-19, most of our daily activities and tasks have transitioned over to the digital side. 

The way we undergo education, shopping, bill payments, get together, and meetings are totally different from before. This is also the case with fitness. 

People have started to focus on their health more and home workouts have become an essential part of the modern age. Many people are doing cardio, pilates and strength training from their kitchens, living room, bathroom, garages and more. Staying healthy online is the new go to.

In this article, we look at what fitness streaming is, some examples of fitness streaming from the best in the business and how to create an engaging fitness streaming system for your fitness business.

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What is fitness streaming?

If you’re a gym owner, then you should pay attention to digital fitness! In fact, it’s been one of the few success stories during the pandemic and lifeline-move for fitness businesses. 

Online workout videos have paved the way for both large franchise and independent operators to keep their businesses on track. The reason why digital-only streaming services are so popular is that they acquire a firm hold of the market due to their convenience. On demand classes have capacity to draw a large audience.

For such convenience and ease, digital fitness streaming is always evolving to make it easier and practical for its users. Staying digitally fit is the most flexible and convenient way for the after-covid world. Due to this new normal, many franchisers and organizations have started streaming their classes online on Saas platforms. Because of this, the fitness world is going to be more competitive for you. 

Fitness streaming is often conducted through Saas platforms (software as a service); the creators provide:

  • One-on-one sessions.
  • Group yoga and fitness sessions.
  • Gym.
  • Fitness studio memberships.

Home Workouts allow digital creators to connect and expand with their members digitally all over the world. There are no restrictions to your demographic compared to physical fitness, which is tailored to gender, age, and health issues. 

Without any limit on the class size, one can maximize your time and ability on streaming workouts. Because of this, the fitness industry is only going to continue to be propelled forward by video streaming technology, which will play a crucial role in keeping fitness groups linked.

In fact, the Worldwide Market for Digital Fitness is projected to reach $26550 million by 2026, from $9597.7 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 18.5% during 2021-2026.

Examples of fitness streaming

Fitness streaming is an essential and lucrative option for your business. Before you start fitness streaming in real-time, it would be helpful if you looked at other effective models. To help you, we’ve curated some of the top user-friendly, highly features and popular digital streaming fitness platforms which are subscription-based.


Peloton is a fitness streaming company that provides live classes alongside their iconic spin bike, treadmills and more fitness based equipment. They offer a range of classes through their app such as yoga, strength, bootcamp, cardio, meditation and more. 


LIFT delivers fitness clubs, wellness providers, and companies. For all markets, it offers both on-demand and live workouts. It enables fitness professionals to create their own live virtual group class schedules. It has inbuilt LIFT instructors who are accessible by members. With LIFT, you can also design a unique onboarding experience for your end clients, complete with your own branding and messaging.

Sona Fitness

Sona Fitness is a fitness app that offers a library full of on demand fitness classes. They have different instructors tailored to each class and they have a budget friendly price of $14.99 per month. 

Benefits of fitness streaming

When it comes to fitness streaming, there are so much more benefits than you think which are:


The risk that Covid 19 has brought to the world is still unpredictable. While vaccine development continues, it’s possible that months of quarantine, shielding, and unease are yet ahead. And the creators still want members to join their fitness programs and campaigns. And this can be made possible only with live-streaming and on-demand workout assistant videos.

Hold hands with people digitally

Being a digital creator, you are no longer restricted to location. You can help even more individuals with digital fitness. If someone has an internet connection and a Smartphone, you instantly have a potentially worldwide reach.

Additional income stream

The Covid-19 attack has forcefully closed all the doors to gyms and fitness, and the creators faced a huge loss of income. That meant they had no money coming in and still a lot of money going out for many. 

Digital fitness platforms help generate your income and create additional revenue streams paving the way for a more secure and stronger financial position now and then in the future.

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Leveraging your time

You can now reach a larger audience in the same amount of time by using live-streaming and on-demand fitness. There is no limit to how many individuals can remotely join your exercise classes—this aids in reaching a huge set of people and users, and audiences.

Brand recognition

The creators need to sweat for the customers to create campaigns and marketing ads to recognize the brand. As far as fitness streaming is considered, it can shout out to a greater extent, and the brand’s identity can go beyond the walls of the Gym. There are many touchpoints that improve consumer experience and engagement with your wider brand and enable members to schedule streamed classes, produce content based on demand, and use classes to give regular brand updates.

Monetization potential

Live streaming technology has brought exercise into people’s life no matter where they are and will continue to do so – keeping people happy, engaged, and healthy despite the numerous hardships they’ve faced in the previous year. 

The users in various aspects pay the creators. Some people use the platform with a base membership fee, and an Add option would be provided, which is customizable by the users. Some people would opt for one on one training sessions. That is by hiring a personal trainer for their fitness needs. The fitness platforms have various monetization methods to be unlocked.

How to create engaging live stream workout and fitness classes

Now you have an idea of why fitness streaming is beneficial for your business, let’s look at how you can take your business to the next level in the digital world. 

1. Upgrade your streaming setup

For successful and engaging streaming, you should check on the video quality, sound, and lighting. Many leading digital platforms provide a smooth and polished experience for their users, which pave the way for the success of home workouts.

Streaming on Facebook and Instagram as a short video or 5 min workout on a good mobile phone pays well. Nowadays, people have less time and a shorter attention span, and doing this will allow more people to engage with your content due to their time demands. This is often better than running a hybrid fitness studio that requires a camera, lighting, microphones, monitors, and tripods.

2. Usage of SaaS platforms

Saas platforms enable you to provide all the on-demand digital workout content. It offers live streaming ability and uploads your content to your app. SaaS services usually operate on a subscription basis covering monthly or yearly subscriptions to access the platform.

Saas provider is preferred because of its consistent quality and service at a much lower cost than a custom-built app or platform. And the most expertise monetization fitness competition has on-site in providing a branded hybrid experience to the users.

3. Upskilling for the best digital content

Always train and upskill your team when it comes to the digital sector. The online fitness market is evolving so fast that you need to have a competitive edge. Because of this, you should enroll your staff in different types of training. 

4. Talk for engagement and proactively offer modifications

In an in-person fitness class, you can guide and offer modification posture correction as you see it. Whereas in a digital class, your group can have direct assistance. 

This refers to proactive modifications and instructions containing more detail than what you would give in person. Plus, it may be discomforting for you as a trainer, whereas your group would be fruitfully benefited from the guidance.

5. Create an awestruck experience

Creating an impactful member experience is essential for creating a successful hybrid fitness Business. Your audio-video quality, ambiance, fitness instructor, and training methods all contribute to your digital experience. High-quality production will ensure that members focus on the workout and are not distracted by poor sound or visual content.

6. Have a content plan and offer new content regularly

Members expect value from the coach in return for their digital subscription. For this reason, you should get your staff to communicate with your group. Send out questionnaires to understand what they need, what they are comfortable with, what they need to concentrate on, which factors discomfort them.

By adding new classes regularly and mixing up your live stream schedule, you can drive value and motivate your members. You can continue expanding and extending your business’s digital arm by keeping your members enthused and motivated to move.

7. Stay consistent with work

Motivate your team to practice Live-streaming workouts as everyone is not built to live stream with confidence on their first attempt. This helps in fixing any mistakes on early notice and improves their content and confidence. You may find that not all instructors are great on camera, so you may have to hire instructors with good on-camera experience in the future.

8. Send newsletters

If you’re planning on fully digital or hybrid, you still need to be there in the background to motivate your clients. Because of this, you should send engaging and exciting emails to inspire, motivate and remind them of your content calendar. Not only does it add value, but it should boost the number of attendees.

In Summary

Fitness is a competitive industry to be in and a one that’s evolving nearly as quickly as technology. Fitness owners have to be innovative and quick to change with the times in order for their company to survive. 

Providing online workout options such as studio classes, kickboxing, home fitness workouts, barre classes and more will be one of your pillars to success as a gym owner. People can tune in on their android, iphone, tablet or any digital device at any time from anywhere. 

Plus online fitness can generate positive results for your business at a fraction of a cost. All you need to do is understand your target audience and their fitness level. Plus, you can create real human connections and have an income stream that is consistent.  


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