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Everything your Fitness Studio Needs to Know about Prenatal Yoga

Everything your Fitness Studio Needs to Know about Prenatal Yoga

Does your studio offer classes to pregnant women searching for the perfect yoga class to prepare them for motherhood? Today, we’re taking a deep dive into prenatal yoga to help fitness studio owners in their quest to create value for moms-to-be.

 Why Is Prenatal Yoga so Popular?

For women looking to stay fit, healthy and stress free throughout their pregnancy, prenatal yoga can be just the answer they’re looking for. With the addition of a qualified prenatal yoga instructor to your gym or studio, you could provide great value to this underserved market.

Prenatal yoga has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years accourding to Mayo Clinic, with the benefits becoming more and more explored and widely known:

1. Increases Strength, Stamina & Flexibility

Prenatal yoga aims to strengthen the back, chest, hips, shoulders, neck and arms. Not only does this make it easier to carry the baby as it grows, but it also prepares the body physically for the main event itself. 

2. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Prenatal yoga gives your pregnant clients the chance to take a break from their hectic daily routine, helping them to relax and get into a better sleep routine throughout their pregnancy.

3. Prepare Your Body Mentally 

By nailing down deep breathing techniques with exercises led by an instructor prior to birth, your pregnant clients can learn how to calm and relax themselves, ultimately helping to reduce stress levels and encourage a healthy pregnancy and labour. 

4. Bond with Your Baby

By paying close attention to breathing, emotions, thoughts and the baby’s movements, prenatal yoga sessions will help your clients to create a special bond with the little life growing inside of them.

What Would a Typical Prenatal Yoga Class Look Like?

A typical prenatal yoga class will cover four key areas: breathing, stretching, postures and relaxation techniques. 

1.Breathing Techniques

Deep breathing techniques help manage shortness of breath and contractions, increasing your ability to stay calm when needed the most. 

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2. Gentle Stretching

Gentle stretching techniques focused on exploring your muscles full range of motions help to prepare the body physically for labour. 

3. Postures

Improve strength, flexibility and balance by practicing standing, sitting or lying positions.

4. Relaxation & Cool Downs

Create a state of self awareness and inner calm by learning how to relax your muscles and restore your resting heart rate. 

What Are the Key Safety Guidelines?

Encourage your clients to:

1. Speak with Their Healthcare Practitioner

It’s important to encourage your clients to get the OK from their health practitioner. Although prenatal yoga offers great benefits for most, it is not always suitable for everyone, for example, those with back problems or at risk of preterm labor.

2. Set Achievable Goals

Most pregnant women are recommended to do 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Shorter workouts every other day, however, can still help your expecting clients to stay in shape and prepare for the big day. Encourage your clients to pace themselves and avoid pushing too hard during workouts.

3. Watch Form

Ensure clients adhere to correct posture when doing poses. For example, they should bend their hips, not their back. Poses should not involve lying on their back or stomach, deep front or back bends, twist or inverted poses. As their pregnancy moves along, advise using props for comfort. 

4.Stay Hydrated 

It’s important to encourage your clients to drink plenty of liquids and keep hydrated throughout their prenatal yoga sessions. Ensure room temperatures are cool to avoid overheating. 

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