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What are the benefits of gym management software? 


As a gym owner, you’re constantly juggling your time and resources to manage your fitness business. Running a great gym is both incredibly rewarding and challenging. When you manage any business, daily operations and administrative tasks can take up a lot of time. 

The sheer number of moving cogs in the gym machine is overwhelming. So, if you can find a way to simplify your operations and streamline your systems, you can save time, resources, and reduce the likelihood of human error. Managing a gym is a balancing act of creating a great member experience, processing payments, and building a safe fitness environment. Ultimately, the goal is to generate revenue and run a profitable gym business.  

Gym management software can help you do all of these tasks. While the features of gym management software can vary massively, you can find features that will help to improve your overall business.

In this article, we talk about how gym management software could benefit your business and some of the top features to consider. 

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What is gym management software and what can it do? 

Gym management software or fitness software is a software solution that helps businesses to streamline, organize, and run their operations. While you can have a big range of functionality, the majority of gym management systems offer both an employee and a client-facing portal. The platform allows gym owners to better manage their facilities and members. 

Membership management 

In most fitness businesses, your members are your bread and butter. They are at the core of your decision-making and success. Using gym management software allows you to manage your members effectively. You can break member management down into member acquisition and member retention. 

Fitness software can automate marketing and lead generation for maximum efficiency. While acquiring members is crucial to growth, member retention is another key element of a successful health club. You can use a club management system to engage members, schedule classes, and give members complete control over their membership. 

Streamline business operations 

Another key feature of gym management software is operations management. This is all of the things you do to manage expenses and ensure top-level profits. Your software can help with staff scheduling, processing member payments, club inventory management, and payroll. If you can streamline your business operations, you have more time for other important tasks. It also gives you access to a ton of data to help you make critical business decisions.  

Organize administration tasks 

Signing up new members, filling out contracts, and canceling memberships are just a few of the administrative tasks fitness club managers perform on a daily basis. Gym management software can ease the burden of lengthy administrative tasks. Instead of sending reminders manually for members to pay a bill, you can automate the process. Save time on admin work and reduce the number of late payments.   

Why gym owners need gym management software 

Sometimes it can feel unnerving to invest in a new system. Maybe you’re worried that it will increase your workload because of a steep learning curve, your current spreadsheet system is working, or you don’t think the software will do what you need it to. All these reasons are completely valid and it can be a little intimidating in the beginning when you bring in new software. But the benefits of gym management software far outweigh the reasons not to use it. 

It helps you to optimize your gym operations 

Although there may be nothing wrong with your current system, club management software can optimize your fitness center operations. It can help you and your team perform tasks more efficiently, saving time and wasted resources. Sometimes the administrative tasks feel they will completely overload you. If you can automate routine tasks like membership renewal, member check-in, and data entry, it can streamline the way you operate. This will give you and your staff more time and energy to focus on other areas of the business that will impact the bottom line. 

It helps you to create an incredible member experience 

Creating an incredible and unique member experience is a massive part of running a successful fitness business. A great member experience results in happy and satisfied members. When your members enjoy your workout, culture, and community, it can increase member retention and reduce churn. Software with a user-friendly member mobile app gives customers access to class scheduling, payments, and membership details. The journey from booking to paying for a class should be intuitive without any hurdles. Think about how gym management software can take the hassle out of signing up to the gym. Members can use a digital waiver and avoid a long conversation at the front desk. 

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It helps you to make better-informed decisions 

Although 91% of companies state that data-driven decisions are important for their company, only 57% of companies say that they actually base their decisions on data. If you can harness and understand data, you can make more impactful decisions. We’re living in a time where there has never been more data. Gym management software gives you access to real-time metrics and analytics so that you can have deeper insights into retail sales, membership performance, and the overall state of the business. 

For more insight into how you can use data, listen to Ian Mullane talk about the new rules of engagement for the fitness industry. Ian is the CEO of Keepme and talks about how data-driven personalization can increase member retention and why consistency is so important in the member journey. 

7 benefits of a gym management software

The benefits of a gym management system center around the ability to save you time and resources. Long-winded administrative tasks, chasing member payments and engaging with your community all take time. Building and running a successful gym requires an endless amount of upkeep and processes. If we take the time to understand the benefits of fitness software, you can see how it could benefit your time, your business, and your bottom line. 

1. Manage bookings and class schedules

Class booking and scheduling features are a huge benefit of gym management software. Easily schedule your classes, timetable, and any events at your gym. Your employees can use scheduling software to keep track of time and organize their diaries. Also, members can access booking and scheduling through a member portal. This helps to improve the member experience 

2. Process global payments 

Payment processing is a huge benefit of gym management software. The ability to process global payments is especially useful for digital fitness platforms. You can attract members from all over the world. With online fitness, there is no geographical location restriction which means that flexibility in payments is a massive bonus for gym members. On top of this, when you have a one-stop-shop for your point of sale hardware and software, you can integrate your credit card and online payments into one place. This gives you the option to process refunds online and offline, manage transactions, offer online payments, and produce reports. 

3. Align marketing and sales 

Your marketing objectives and sales activities are crucial to your gym’s success. If you can align both of these activities you can bolster and optimize the results. With a gym management system, you can utilize sales and marketing tools in one place that allows you to track the metrics in one spot. You can use sales marketing tools like lead capture, lead generation, and lead management to take potential customers through the sales journey from start to finish. With email marketing, SMS, and push notifications, you can engage with customers efficiently and keep track of the results to measure the success of multiple sales and marketing activities.   

4. Gain access to financial insight 

When you consolidate your operations with a single software platform, you gain access to a lot of data. From a gym management system, you can create detailed financial reports to track and manage cash flow. You can analyze your gym’s finances in real-time, which gives you the ability to make better-informed decisions based on data. If you’re managing multiple locations, you can use fitness software on both a local level and the business as a whole. Track and analyze information such as memberships canceled, membership sales, product sales, and monthly cash flow. 

5. Give members control  

By using gym membership tools, you can enhance the member experience. When you give members control to their membership, payments, schedule, and bookings, everything becomes so smooth and seamless. Nothing stands in the way of booking a favorite class or renewing a membership. With a branded member app, you can give your members complete control while having the ability to keep an eye on important metrics. If you sell merchandise, you can create an online store to sell products that’s on brand and easy-to-use. An app and member portal should be super simple for members to use. It should be straightforward for members to pay, book, and control their membership. 

6. View the business as a whole 

Larger gyms and fitness studios usually have different departments. It’s not unusual for there to be a continuous exchange of information across the business. Great fitness software streamlines all this information into one dashboard so that multiple departments can access information at the same time across different devices. As information is consolidated into one solution, you can view the business as a whole. This is especially important for businesses with multiple locations. Intelligent reports allow you to see the whole life of a member and give you access to new understandings. You can handle employee schedules, payroll, class schedules, and cash flow. When you can delve into the top tier of the business, it may give you the ability to spot a new growth opportunity. 

7. Increase member satisfaction 

Member satisfaction is one of the top motivators for staying at your gym. Happy and loyal members are incredibly valuable. The value of a member increases over their lifetime. Satisfied customers are also more likely to refer other people to your gym. Increasing member satisfaction can boost your member retention rate and improve your overall growth. Gym management software tackles several challenges that help to make sure your employees are happy and members satisfied. Running your business more efficiently and improving workflow can free up employee’s time so they can focus on other important elements of the business. 

Technology has a clear role in the fitness industry. It’s not only impacting how gyms operate but the member experience in general. For expert insight, Bryan O’Rourke, the President of the Fitness Industry Technology Council, talks about how technology is shaping the future of fitness.  He talks about how tech companies are moving into the fitness industry and what operators need to do to stay competitive.  

In summary 

We’ve seen examples of how gym management software can benefit a fitness business. We know that if you can simplify and streamline your operations, you can get that time back and stop wasting resources on lengthy admin tasks. Aligning your teams and having the ability to access financial reports and insights are hugely valuable. 

We understand that anything new can feel like it will take up more time than you have or end up being more work for your team. But there’s a reason that so many fitness businesses use gym management software. If you can find any way to spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business, you can identify and implement change that’s going to bring around greater impact. 

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