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5 Reasons to Choose Glofox Gym Management Software

5 Reasons to Choose Glofox Gym Management Software

If you’re reading this, you’re considering using gym management software to take your business to the next level. Congratulations! We for one know that your time is precious and that you should spend it on what you do best: Achieving results for your clients. When you leave the hard work to your management software , you’ll have more time to grow your business to it’s full potential too. That’s what we’re all about.

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We understand that there are tonnes of different gym and studio management software on the market, not to mention club management software, yoga software, fitness software… The list goes on! So, we’re here to make that choice a little easier.

Here’s what you need to know about Glofox studio and gym management software:

1.We Understand Your Business

If you’re considering Glofox, chances are you’re a fitness studio or wellness business. That’s great, because that’s exactly the type of client our software works best with.

We’ve said it before – The fitness and wellness industry is where our passion lies and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Our team is made up of fitness fanatics who love working with gym, fitness and yoga studio owners every day, helping them to succeed. We understand your pain points and want to celebrate your successes with you.

Plus, our development team is committed to creating new features that will help you manage your niche fitness business even better.

2. We Understand Your Business

We know that your time is precious, so we’ll never waste it. If you have a setup that simply won’t work with our gym and studio software – we’ll tell you straight up, before you sign up.

In fact, we know the industry and the different options available to you. If we feel Glofox isn’t a fit for you today, we’ll happily point you in the right direction for your business. So, no matter what the outcome of your Glofox demo, you’ll walk away knowing more about the best gym and studio software options available to you than you did before.

If you’d like to find out if you’re the perfect fit for Glofox, you can pick a time to chat with one of our representatives here.

3. We Offer Free Training

Our goal is to get you up, running and confident on your journey to success with Glofox management software, so we provide you with unlimited free training sessions.

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You can avail of 1:1 training sessions, or even get the whole team on board with our group sessions. Whether you’re moving from pen and paper or switching from another fitness software provider, we’ll tailor your training appropriately so that you have everything you need.

Do you have a unique set up? Maybe your gym, fitness or yoga studio does things a little differently? We’ll pair you with a specialist who has experience with similar requirements, so you’ll be achieving your goals in no time.

4. Our Customers Love Our Software

Did you know, reviewers love our management software?

We’ve been rated 5 stars across ease of use, customer support, features / functionality and value for money on Capterra, a credible comparison site for club, fitness and yoga studio management software.

Not to mention, reviewers also stated they’d be extremely likely to recommend Glofox to other fitness and wellness business owners.

Glofox Gym Software Reviews

Glofox Gym Software Reviews

Check out full customer reviews from gym and studio owners who have been in your exact shoes.

5. We Offer Unlimited Support

We aim to provide the best customer experience to all of our clients, across the world. We understand that as your business grows, your needs do too. That’s why we offer unlimited, ongoing support and advice, to ensure you get the assistance you need, when you need it most.

Once you sign up with Glofox, you’re assigned an account manager who becomes your point of contact for any questions you may have along your journey. If you have a query, you can book a dedicated time with your account manager, who will walk you through the solutions to all of your questions and explain the features of your gym management software.

We’ll always be here to help. Simple as. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact form or emails us at [email protected].

We empower you to boost your business

"I think Glofox speaks to lots of different fitness businesses. I looked at a few options, but the Glofox positioning was more flexible. Without it the business wouldn't be scaleable”
Mehdi Elaichouni
Owner at Carpe Diem BJJ

Trusted by studios, and global gym chains.

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