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5 Consequences of Not Going Mobile with Glofox Gym Management Software

5 Consequences of Not Going Mobile with Glofox Gym Management Software

Unsure of what all the fuss is about over taking your gym mobile with gym management software? Well, you’ve come to the right place! If developing a kick ass marketing and business strategy is on your wish list, then you need to learn more about taking your gym into the mobile age. We’re not just talking about a mobile responsive website, that’s a given, we’re talking about a branded mobile app that gives your customers the ultimate member experience.

Why mobile you ask? Think about it. Your clients are glued to the devices in their hands 24/7, 365 days a year. According to Tech Crunch, the average time spent on apps is increasing 21% year on year – with no sign of slowing down.

Not only should you embrace this trend, but take advantage of it to make managing bookings and engaging members a simple task! Anyway, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of mobile to deliver rich and contextual content to any customer who has downloaded their app?!

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Let’s take a look at the 5 consequences you could fall victim to if you don’t take your gym into the mobile age:

1. Would You Lose Out on a Direct Marketing Channel?

Hell yes. One of the greatest benefits of having gym management software that comes with a  branded mobile app for your gym lies in the direct marketing channel that it creates. Once a member downloads your app, they essentially carry it around with them every single day. You can literally create booking opportunities from the palm of your members hand.

Through the use of push notifications, you have the potential to boost revenue, reduce class no shows, run promotions and start building meaningful relationships with your members. All with a greater chance of achieving a direct interaction with your members.

2. Would Your Gym Be Left Behind? 

Your members are already using mobile apps for tasks ranging from ordering dinner right up to booking flights. No doubt that they want to be able to do the same when it comes to booking classes at their favorite gym.

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Why make your members open a browser, navigate to your website, locate your schedule and then book into a class, when they could make a booking or purchase a membership in just a few of taps through their mobile phone? From here on out, it’s vital that gyms start investing in their member’s experience, or risk being left in the stone age.

3. Would Your Gym Lose Members to Competitors? 

Competition is getting intense with micro gyms and boutique studios springing up on every street corner. Not to mention, your members are becoming increasingly tech savvy. This makes them more likely to opt for a gym or studio who caters to their needs. That’s right, mobile is no longer seen as a ‘nice to have’, it’s expected.

What’s making competition even more intense is that startup gyms have acknowledged this gap in the market and are turning to mobile to create a unique advantage. The hard truth? It’s a lot tougher to be the second gym app on a prospective member’s phone than the first.

4. Would You Lose Member Engagement?

Increasingly, more people are ditching the gym and opting to workout at home. Less inconveniences, zero cost — it can seem like the perfect solution. One thing’s for sure, this puts the importance of member engagement on a whole other level. Not only are you competing with rival gyms for your member’s attention, but you’re essentially competing with their home.

It’s time you utilised gym management software to create a strategy that overcomes the inconveniences associated with your member’s gym going experience. Think to yourself: how easy do I make it for members to book and pay for my services? Do I add value to my member’s day, in the gym and out? A mobile app is a great way to keep your members interacting with your gym. By sending motivational and inspirational messages, blog posts and class reminders you can be sure to stay top of your members’ mind.

5. Would You Let Member Loyalty Slip?

Loyal members are invaluable to your gym, however, in order to create loyalty you must first create customer satisfaction. It’s inevitable, expectations are increasing and the more members feel their needs aren’t being met, the more dissatisfied they will become.

Lucky for you, when you’re just a fingertip away from your members attention, you’ve increased power to keep satisfaction rates high and loyalty even higher. Once you begin to grow and strengthen a personal connection between your gym and your members, you could then reap the rewards of referrals from members who really are passionate about what you do.

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