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12 Simple and Effective Survey Questions for Gym Members 


Members are at the core of any gym. So what better way to know what they’re thinking than to ask them. Surveys are an excellent tool for collecting information businesses need to make data-driven decisions. 87% of survey-takers want to have a say in a company’s future services and products. Data from the Greenbook Research Industry Trends report found that 68% of market researchers use mobile surveys to engage with customers.    

By asking the right questions, you can improve so many different elements of your gym. Depending on your requirements and goals, you can use fitness surveys to gather all the information you need to understand your gym members fully. In this article, we will discuss the different types of surveys you can use and 12 simple and effective questions to ask your clients. Skip ahead to:

Why Should You Carry Out a Gym Member Survey? 

There are numerous reasons why you should carry out a gym member survey. All the research in the world won’t reveal the inner workings of your members. By choosing the right questions delivered in an easy-to-use format, you can receive feedback on several elements of the business from management to customer service. 

You can use this information to improve facilities, diversify the class schedule, and increase gym member retention. Get to the core of what’s right or wrong with your facility and make changes quickly, so members keep renewing their memberships. By fully understanding every part of your members and potential members, you can elevate your audience research. This is important when introducing new fitness classes and testing the waters to see what will be popular among your members. 

Usually, an incentive is offered alongside the survey to encourage people to fill it out, especially if it’s longer. To make the most out of your survey, make sure it’s easy and quick to answer. There are several online tools available with survey templates that make creating online surveys simple, including:

  • SurveyMonkey 
  • Google Forms 
  • SurveyGizmo 
  • Survey Planet 
  • Survicate

6 Types of Member Surveys and Questionnaires  

Surveys are a great way to find out what people are thinking. Try and avoid overly lengthy questionnaires as people tend to lose interest fairly quickly. The type of member survey and questions you use will be entirely dependent on your goals and what information you’re trying to obtain. Here are six types of member surveys that all serve a different purpose for your business. 

Market Research 

Market research forms the basis of most business ventures. Whether you’re opening your fitness center from scratch or are looking to grow your already established business, market research is where you start. A market research survey aims to find out whether your new gym location or a new product will do well in that location and current business climate. 

Make sure to find out the demographics of the people you are asking so that you can build a full profile. Fully understand the purpose of your market research so that the questions you ask will result in helpful answers. For example, if you want to open up a new fitness franchise in your area, you might ask the following questions:

  • How far would you commute to a gym?
  • How much would you spend on a monthly membership?
  • What’s your age, gender, profession, and household income? 

New Members 

New member surveys are aimed entirely at your new clients. This is the survey they fill out as they join your facility. You can use this to find out the information you don’t already know about them to build out your knowledge of the type of people that use your gym. Find out why they signed up in the first place. Did you have fantastic customer service? Or, is your gym location just down the road from their work?  

General Feedback 

Your members are the bread and butter of your business; without them, you won’t be profitable. Check-in with them from time to time to find out where you could improve your gym. This type of survey not only helps you gather valuable data, but it allows you to measure customer satisfaction. 

A feedback form is a great way to engage with your members and make them feel valued. They may also pick up on something that has slipped by you. Perhaps the showers need to be cleaned more regularly, or they would appreciate more access to a personal trainer program. You don’t know until you ask. 


A fitness survey focuses on your members’ individual fitness goals. This information helps you to form processes that focus on your members’ needs entirely. According to the IHRSA, nearly 11% of people sign up to a health club in January, and as many as 80% have given up on their New Years’ resolutions by February.  

People tend to join the gym for a reason, whether it’s to lose weight or just get in better shape. If you know what that reason is, you can help your members’ achieve it, making them much more likely to renew their membership with you. Survey questions for a fitness assessment could include:

  • What are your fitness goals?
  • How much do you weigh? 
  • What’s your favorite type of exercise? 

Membership Cancellation 

Unfortunately, membership cancellations happen from time to time. But, this is an excellent opportunity to ask why they’re leaving. You can then implement changes and processes to stop the same thing from being a problem in the future. Use a survey to find out the exact reason for leaving. If your gym is suffering from low member retention, find out why and fix it quickly.  

Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

A net promoter score is a one-question survey that lets members score your gym on how much they would promote your business. This quickly enables you to know which members are happy with your service and which are not. One-question surveys are ideal for finding out specific information quickly. As it’s such a short questionnaire, you can hold attention and gather valuable data. 

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12 Survey Questions for Gym Members to Increase Retention and Engagement  

Your end goal will determine the best survey questions to use. With a full understanding of its purpose, you can choose the right tone and questions to ask your members. Use the data from the survey to make improvements and changes to benefit members, attract more clients, and increase retention. 

1. How Did You Hear About Us? 

This kind of question is an excellent start to a survey and would be suitable for your marketing research as well as a new member sign up questionnaire. It’s a great reflection on your marketing efforts as you can find out where your brand awareness is most prevalent. If you’ve been working on a killer social media strategy, you can learn which channels have been the best for actually getting new members through the door. 

2. Why Did You Choose to Join This Gym? 

The answer to this question gets to the core of your business. Do you have a great location, or do you offer unique group classes in the area that no other studio provides? The reason why a person might join your gym helps you differentiate yourself from the rest of the market. If your community-vibe is what members love, you know to keep nurturing that element of your gym. 

3. Why Did You Cancel Your Last Gym Membership? 

Learn how other businesses have made mistakes in their member retention processes. If they felt a lack of personal attention or were unimpressed by the facilities, it allows you to make sure you keep on top of these things at your own gym. There will always be a ton of different reasons why someone cancels their membership. But if you can connect and understand your members from the very beginning, it can help to reduce member churn out. 

4. How Happy Are You With Our Facilities? 

Whether you want general feedback on your equipment or online presence, you can use this style of questions for both. Your facilities are essential to member retention. If members aren’t happy with them, it could put your profits at risk. Your facilities can include several elements like studio space, changing rooms, and cleanliness.  

5. How Would You Rate the Staff and Customer Service? 

Customer service is an essential part of any business to succeed. Meaningful interactions and engagement with members can directly affect your membership base. Your staff are the face of the business, whether it’s your instructors, personal trainers, or admin staff. By asking for feedback in this area, you can make sure your customer service is at its best. 

6. How Many Times Do You Visit the Gym a Week? 

During market research and general feedback surveys, this type of question helps you gauge how often members visit your gym. You can use this type of question to find out which days most people workout on and how long each visit is. This helps you to plan out your class schedule in a way that’s most convenient for your members.

7. What Do You Need to Reach Your Fitness Goals? 

During a fitness goals assessment survey, the aim is to find out what your clients want to achieve so that you can help them get there. If they are seeing results and progressing, then they will renew their gym membership. Find out what their biggest obstacle is in terms of reaching their goal. Is there something that you can do? Ask questions that help you to make a difference to members on an individual level. 

8. What Made You Cancel Your Membership at this Gym? 

The membership cancellation process allows you to find out what made a member leave. This means you can pinpoint the problem and fix it before another member quits. The open-ended question allows your members to answer honestly. If you’re experiencing low retention rates and notice a common factor, act on it fast. You can’t change your location, but you can improve your customer service, upgrade your facilities, and connect more with members. 

9. What Was the Best/Worst Experience at this Gym? 

By finding out the best and worst parts of your gym experience, you know which areas to improve on. You may be surprised to hear that your facilities need to be improved, but your customer service is fantastic. With so many different elements of a fitness business, data from surveys can help you make decisions that affect the overall experience of your members.  

10. How Much Would You Spend on Gym Membership?

Your gym pricing model is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make when starting your business. Where your gym is based, your position in the market and type of members will all contribute towards costing your gym membership. By finding out how much people would spend on a gym membership, it can help to see what a specific demographic will pay for. For more information on pricing your services, check out our guide to gym pricing models

11. Do You Have Any Other Feedback for Our Team? 

To get honest feedback from your members, give them a chance to add anything you may have missed. A survey needs to be relatively short to keep your members’ interest. You might not be able to ask every question you want in one survey. This allows members to provide useful feedback. 

12. How Likely Are You to Recommend Us to a Friend? 

The answer to this question is a massive indicator of how happy members are with you. This could be done in the style of a one-question survey. Simply give members a scale of 1-10 so that they can answer quickly. Generally, when you’re happy with a service or product, you share and recommend it with friends. 

In Summary 

Surveys and questionnaires can be a useful and powerful tool in business. In an industry that revolves around people, asking the right questions can reveal what your members actually think. Surveys provide valuable data that allow your gym to make well-informed data-driven decisions that revolve around your members. 

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