Pilates Studio Software

The platform designed with members in mind

Seamlessly manage all aspects of your revenue cycle while creating an engaged, dedicated pilates community.

Strengthen your core

The centralized solution to manage, grow, and fuel your Pilates studio

Imagine opening your phone or laptop and instantly seeing the pulse of your pilates studio. With the ABC Glofox Pilates studio management software, you get more than just a snapshot. You get a crystal-clear, actionable view of your business health and performance. Our platform isn’t just about numbers and data; it’s about shining a spotlight on the opportunities for growth and guiding you to the next best step.


Unleash your brand's potential

Your brand isn’t just a part of your business; it’s the heartbeat of growth. Boost your brand’s impact and cultivate unwavering loyalty with:

  • Your custom-branded Pilates app tailored just for you, available on both the App and Google Play stores.
  • Provide your members with the convenience of class and spot bookings, real-time schedules, and vibrant community interactions.
  • A daily gateway for your members to connect and engage with your studio’s unique brand experience.
  • Flexible self-serve class and software features like appointment booking, membership purchasing, online store, and virtual class options.
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Automations that work for you

Make manual member outreach a thing of the past. Professionalize your Pilates business and:

  • Seamlessly automate member and lead communications right from your dashboard.
  • Re-engage members nearing or past their expiration, keeping them connected to your studio community.
  • Broaden your studio’s appeal beyond its walls with tailored promotions, check-ins, celebratory moments, and more.
  • Customize a blend of SMS, email, and push notifications in sequences that resonate with your audience.
  • Automated reminder emails for upcoming classes or appointments.
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360-degree insights on your Pilates studio

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Pilates business with:

  • Deep insights into your business performance.
  • Clear and actionable revenue tracking.
  • Intuitive analysis of your class attendance and popularity.
  • Automated outreach messages for any at-risk or unengaged members.
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Things you should know

Ready to energize member engagement and propel growth? Here’s how our integrated platform fuels your goals

ABC Glofox gives you the insights and foundation you need to sustainably grow your fitness business. From clear data reports to automated lead and member outreach, it focuses on the day-to-day while you focus on the year-to-year.

The resources you need to grow your Pilates studio

Grow, streamline, and operate your Pilates studio with in-depth guides from the best in the industry.

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Take your fitness business to the next level

ABC Glofox is an industry-leading fitness management platform that can save you time and money. Book a demo with us today to learn how we can future-proof your business and keep your members happy, engaged, and coming back for more.