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What ABC Glofox Can Do For You in Just 6 Months

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Growing a fitness business from a dream into a successful franchise is not an easy task, but it is possible – if you have the patience.  

ABC Glofox is a platform that is designed to be the partner every fitness business needs to turn that dream into a reality.  

From managing bookings to analyzing your revenue streams, this platform is here to focus on the more tedious aspects of running a fitness business, allowing you to focus on the more important things.  

But, if you’re already partnered with ABC Glofox, you know all that.  

If you’re not, then this article is going to show you why you should be.

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly what 6 months of using ABC Glofox can do for you and your fitness business.

How ABC Glofox Can Help You in Just 6 Months 

1. Revenue Growth 

This is the core of your business and the lead indicator of success and failure. Naturally, you can check your revenue streams and profitability in a number of basic ways. With the ABC Glofox platform, however, you can do a lot more than just analyze: you can also optimize. 

How to Optimize Your Revenue Streams Using ABC Glofox Insights 

From the Sales Activity dashboard in Glofox Insights, you can see all of your revenue streams in one place. This is vital information as it essentially lays out which of your business activities are generating the most income and which are lagging behind. This helps you decide which revenue sources to double down on and which need more attention to bring them to a healthier place. 

This includes: 

  • Total Sales  
  • Sales by Payment Type  
  • Membership Sales  
  • Single Membership Sales  
  • Upfront Fees 
  • Recurring Subscriptions 
  • Credit Pack Sales  
  • Store Revenue  
  • Other Sales 
  • Money Owed 

Here’s a video from Spartans Boxing Gym explaining how ABC Glofox helped boost their revenue by over 50%. 

What Does This All Mean For Fitness Business Owners?

In less than 6 months, ABC Glofox can find the weak and strong points in your revenue flow, allowing you to optimize and fine-tune your sales process to become a well-oiled machine. We can help you go through your business income with granular detail, giving you the 360-degree insights you need to help your business thrive.

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2. Member Attendance in Classes 

Knowing when, how, and why your members show up to your classes, lessons, or location is almost more important than investigating revenue streams.  

By taking a long look at member behavior, attendance trends, and seasonal differences, you can pivot your marketing tactics to better use your hard-earned revenue to increase conversions.  

It also helps you better plan your staffing, ensuring that you have the right amount of people on your premises at the right time.  

Finally, it tells you exactly when you should be hosting your classes or sessions, ensuring you’re getting the most members and the best possible time for your business. Not only does this get you more revenue, but it also has a positive effect on your member experience, making it far more likely for them to renew their membership with you. 

How to Optimize Your Staffing and Member Retention Using ABC Glofox Access Insights 

This helpful feature allows you to see how often your members are accessing your location for a customizable period of time.  You can also build reports that allow you to filter by time period and active membership status. In it, you can see: 

  • Amount of people who accessed in this time & those who have never accessed. 
  • Monthly average client accesses in the past 12 months.
  • Busiest periods, broken down into hours of the day and day of the week. 
  • All Member Accesses, their averages, and total amounts. 

This can be absolutely vital in understanding your member behavior and exactly what methods and tactics will provide you with the best return on investment.  

What Does This All Mean For Fitness Business Owners?

After 6 months of using our platform, we can show you who’s the most engaged with your fitness business, when the most popular times are for classes and events, and when you need more or fewer staff members on the premises.

Additionally, having all of your classes and events automated can save you hours of time every week, allowing you to relax knowing that your business is in the safe hands of the ABC Glofox platform.

On average, our customers reduce their admin time by up to 20%.

Want to learn more about how ABC Glofox can save you time and money?

Here’s Victoria Thomas, founder of JourneyFit, explaining how ABC Glofox’s insights have helped her develop a thriving fitness franchise.

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3. Member Behavior 

Trying to get into the minds of your members can be a difficult task. Understanding what motivates them to come in more, renew contracts, and recommend your services to their friends can be an absolute game changer.  

Amplify, the ABC Glofox messaging platform, is the game changer you’ve been looking for.

Amplify works across a variety of message types. From SMS to email to push notifications, it allows you to reach your members quickly and effectively. Along with providing an automated, sophisticated approach to messaging your members, it also lets you measure member behavior. From open rates to time between message and action, Amplify can give you a sophisticated insight into how to best reach your members.  

Amplify is also excellently positioned for turning your leads into passionate members. Using its intuitive insights and automated messaging platform, you can create a clear map of your customer journey and key conversion points. This can allow you to fine-tune your sales and upselling process to ensure you’re getting the maximum revenue stream from your current and future members. 

What Does This Mean For Fitness Business Owners?

On average, our customers see a 2.5x conversion rate on their leads once they begin using Amplify.  

For example, if you convert 100 leads to members per month, and your membership costs $50 per month, that’s an extra $12,500 per month thanks to Amplify.  

That means that in just six months, we can boost your potential revenue by 250%.

The automated aspect of Amplify also saves you a significant amount of time and money. Instead of messaging each and every member or group for each event or promotion, you can just set up an automated chain of messages that are optimized to increase conversion and member retention.  

Not yet signed up for Amplify?  

How ABC Glofox Can Boost Your Business in 6 Months 

The ABC Glofox platform is not designed to overhaul or pivot your business or business approach. Instead, it’s there to enable your business’ potential, creating scalable frameworks that allow you to thrive as a future fitness franchise.  

As a recap, here’s what the ABC Glofox Platform can give you in just 6 months:  

  1. Revenue Insights: You know exactly where your income is coming from, and exactly where you can earn more 
  2. Member Insights: It shows you your peak times, and your member behavior, and eases staffing headaches with clear scheduling insights 
  3. Messaging Insights: Amplify’s automated messaging service can make it easier than ever for you to reach out to your members and leads, potentially giving you 2.5 times the number of members.  

If you’re not yet using the ABC Glofox platform, you can learn more by reaching out to a member of our team by clicking the button below.

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