Getting the Most Out of the Twitter Update for Gyms and Studios

Eamonn Curley
26 May 16
2 min read
Getting the Most Out of the Twitter Update for Gyms and Studios

Over the years, Twitter has really evolved from a 140 character text statement to a means of creatively expressing hashtags, photos and GIFs to name a few. Things are set to get even more exciting in the coming months as Twitter announces plans to simplify what counts towards the 140 character limit!

Here’s what’s set to change:


@names will not count toward the 140 character limit. This means you can reply to several users in your post at once without having to face the dreaded -1 before you’ve even had the chance to start on your text! More (quality) content, more context, more engagement! #MoreIsTheNewMore



Attachments such as GIFs, photos, polls and videos etc. will no longer be counted as a character. This means you can add engaging media to your tweets without having to sacrifice on the quality of your text. #EveryCharacterCounts

Retweet Yourself

You’ll soon be able to retweet your own tweets with ease, which will come in handy if you feel like a particular tweet went unnoticed or if you feel like blasting out a previously popular old memory or tweet to your followers. #ThrowBackThursday

Wave Goodbye to [email protected] Replies

In the coming months, new tweets that start with a username with reach all of your followers, without having to use the period before the @ symbol. To ensure all your followers view a reply, you can simply retweet it. #MakingThingsSimple

Checkout the full article here. Happy Tweeting!