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This Week in Fitness: 3rd-10th January

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The new year brings new trends and this is the latest round-up from the fitness world. Technology continues to dominate the headlines following CES in Las Vegas, the best fitness trackers are tried and tested and class instructors are feeling the strain…

Today’s Top 5 Fitness Programming Trends, According to New Clubintel Report

In December 2019, ClubIntel issued its fifth annual International Fitness Industry Trend Report—What’s All the Rage? The latest report assesses more than 90 industry trends across four primary categories: equipment, facilities, programming and technology. The report is based on the responses of nearly 1,000 club operators from 11,500 facilities worldwide.

Via Club Industry. Read full article here.

Auro Is Latest to Offer In-Ear Motivation for Workouts

London based fitness technology startup Auro has developed a new motivational audio fitness app which provides hundreds of workouts, personalised for the user. These recommend suitable classes based on the user’s fitness level and goals.

Auro notes that… ‘Whether bored at the gym, away travelling, hindered by grim weather outside, or unable to get to a class, there is no reason to skip a workout anymore.’ All of Auro’s classes are available on-demand. 

Via Endurance Business. Read full article here.

Latest Fitness Technology Unveiled at Ces 2020 in Las Vegas

Fitness isn’t just fitness anymore. It’s content, too, according to Arnav Dalmia, whose company, Cubii, is based in Chicago and was honored at CES 2020 with an innovation award.

“Past is the world where you could just have a fitness product and not have any technology, because it gets boring very quickly,” Dalmia said. “In today’s age, technology and fitness go hand in hand for us. … The goal is not just to sell a product. It’s to make sure (the customer) keeps using the product. And that’s where the technology is coming in.”

Via Review Journal. Read full article here.

Pew: 21% of Americans Use a Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

The latest research from the Pew Research Center says that one in five American adults regularly use a fitness tracker or smartwatch of some kind.

That’s the headline figure, but as you might imagine uptake is sharply divides by income levels. While the number rises to 31% of Americans living in households with incomes of $75,000 or more per year, it drops to just 12% for those on £30,000 or less.

Via Trusted Reviews. Read full article here.

The Best Fitness Trackers of 2020: The Top 10 Activity Bands on the Planet

Fitness trackers are all the rage for health-conscious consumers looking to escape the sedentary and keep their bodies and minds in peak shape. A good fitness tracker is a great excuse to escape the office or the classroom and get moving. With accurate health monitoring and activity tracking, the best fitness trackers get you thinking about your well-being and doing something about it.

We’ve tested dozens upon dozens of fitness trackers and pared them down into our list of the Top 10 Activity Bands On The Planet Right Now. If you’re looking to invest in a fitness tracker at the turn of the decade, these are the ones that you should be considering. 

Via The Tech Advocate. Read full article here.

Inside the $2,000-A-Month, Invite-Only Fitness Clubs

Nestled on Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip, around the corner from Chateau Marmont, the dimmed lights of Remedy Place beckon. The newly opened 10,000-square-foot establishment has a sultry, moody feel with slate gray tones and jewel-colored velvet drapery. Tufted leather sofas and potted plants pepper a sleek lounge beside a bar where athleisure-clad individuals sip on adaptogen-packed mocktails. Remedy Place looks more like a hotel lobby than anything else.

Via Medium – ‘Elemental’. Read full article here.

Loud Fitness Classes Take a Toll on Instructors’ Voices

Motivating clients to push themselves by shouting at high volume can compromise fitness instructors’ vocal health.

Coco Cohen is a triathlete. She has competed in Ironman competitions, has a black belt in karate and is a trained sword fighter.

But nothing could quite prepare her for the trials of shouting at top volume all day, several days a week, to her classes at Columbus Circle Equinox health club, where she is a manager and group fitness instructor.

Via The New York Times. Read full article here.

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